Looking Lame

This last weekend was half price day at Goodwill. That is my cue to mosey into the local stores and try to find some deals. I was only half successful. You see, it is a tradition in our family to give what has been termed “lame” t-shirts for Christmas. The criteria for a lame t-shirt is as follows:
1. It must allude to some concept/event or claim societal commentary.
2. It must be somewhat obscure or evoke the feeling of an “inside” joke.
3. The more cryptic the message the better.
4. There should be a connection between the shirt and the wearer.
5. Bonus points if the color is odd.
6. Additional bonus points if there is a link to a favorite Sci-Fi movie or TV show (past or present).
7. Double bonus points if it makes you laugh.

I was only partially successful. I found 6 lame t-shirts but only 3 were sizes that would work as gifts.

Shirt #1 – a little lame and yet it connects well with the musicians in the family.

Shirt #2 – Is definitely part of an inside joke. There is a connection to the wearer, it links to a favorite show in this household comprised of a variety of geeks and nerd. And it made me laugh.

Shirt #3 – I think it hits all the criteria and then some. The fabric bonus comes into play as the shirt is an odd “retro” textured polyester not seen in these parts since 1970.

There was a shirt that I considered getting for myself. I might have done it if it hadn’t been a men’s size 2X and if it hadn’t been a scarlet red. It had a picture of Beneficence (the iconic statue at Ball State University) on the front and the words “Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and don’t blink”. Then on the back was a picture of Dr. Who’s weeping angel. It was so good since both boys went to Ball State and I grew up in Muncie. We are Dr. Who fans and it was funny… Maybe if I keep looking I’ll eventually find it in my size or maybe one that will fit son#1 or #2.

17 thoughts on “Looking Lame

    1. Goodwill has spoiled me for shopping. I look at the prices on new items and hesitate thinking, “Hmm. I bet I could find something just like this at Goodwill.”


  1. I love this idea. Made me laugh and my family would have fun. I’m thinking this year we’d draw names and just have one person to buy for so no one refuses. hahaha. They’ll love it once we all reveal the shirts, right. hahaha.


    1. It is fun and although we all have enough t-shirts, there is always room for one more! The boys still talk about the argyle owl with a telephone handset inside its body as the epitome of lame… didn’t hurt that it was on a mustard yellow shirt. In fact son #2 still owns it and wears it on occasion.

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