Looking at Boots

Here is episode number 20 of Looking Back – a milestone! Can you believe I’ve already managed to get 20 of the episodes completed?

I love it when the sunlight slants through the window and it looks substantial. It reminds me that there is so much in my world that is conjecture and innuendo and amorphous attitude. Part of the problem is lack of stimulation. I don’t like to watch TV, mostly because the content is plain stupid. I’ve read most of the books in our pitiful library. I do a fair amount of writing. Working on my “Great American Novel” is both futile and frustrating. I graduated from college with the intention of getting some high paying job where I would have loads of free time to dedicate to writing. I ended up in my first job in San Antonio, Texas. I was the assistant to the editor for the San Antonio Express-News. I must have been there 2 weeks before I figured out the names of the people in the desks next to mine. Since I didn’t know anyone I spent the first month wandering around the city. I decided that with the buses and the warm weather, I didn’t need a car. That was probably one of my poorer decisions. The Riverwalk was really nice except for the tourists and conventioneers and the homeless people. I made it a point to stroll along the Riverwalk on my way to work. I had never really learned to budget money, mostly because I never really had much. My job paid well enough and I started to enjoy spending money. One of my tattoos from college was a small long bow with a quiver of arrows. I had positioned it on my hip where nobody would accidentally see it. I decided to embellish it. The artist was really good and was able to insert a wonderful fairy holding the bow and carrying the quiver. It only set me back $300. Everyone in Texas owns at least one pair of fancy boots. I wasn’t thinking I’d ever buy a pair, at least not until I saw the most beautiful boots in the world. They were made of elk hide with ostrich hide accents. The decoration was a hand tooled tessellation of dragons. On top of it all the leather was delicately dyed in blues, greens, and shades of grey. I wish I still had those boots or the $1000 they cost.

12 thoughts on “Looking at Boots

  1. “I wish I still had those boots or the $1000 they cost.”

    Every time I read a new episode of Merit’s adventure in “Looking Back”, I discover glimpses of self. I’m pretty sure I have an entire list of things I wish I still had, or at least had the money I spent on them. 😀


    1. Yes, Merit is immersed in the human experience. I’m sure her psychologist thinks it is a positive sign that she wishes that things were different – even if it is just a pair of boots.


    1. But the problem is that we didn’t know then what we know now… hehehe. I try to live without regrets moving forward. Some people find it hard when there are things in their youth that they would have done a wee bit differently.


    1. I’d never pay $1000 for boots – or anything else to wear! But poor Merit was never taught economy and with no experience with money, well, she made many unwise purchases! Fortunately it is all just make-believe!

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    1. Me either! I live for Goodwill and the Salvation Army thrift stores!! I find the best stuff at a very affordable price. If I had to replace my clothes (buy new) I would never be able to get what I have now short of winning the lottery!

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