Looking to Go Viral

This little beauty is my interpretation of the Influenza virus that is going around. It is a mixed clay body of mostly white stoneware clay with a little porcelain and brown stoneware thrown in. It is glazed in Phil’s Celadon with Reitz Green glaze accents. It was a happy surprise that the Reitz Green broke blue/turquoise with a touch of the original green. It made a nice lace pattern with in the glaze dots. I’ll probably never be able to replicate that effect. Then again viruses are all about replication!

There have been quite a few cases of influenza at work. We are after all a college campus densely packed with a large student body in a very small area. Yes there have been a good number of students that have confirmed cases of the flu. Even though everyone at work was urged to take advantage of the free flu vaccinations, some declined. So far I’ve escaped infection but 4 of 16 haven’t. That calculates to 25% of our work force has been out due to the flu. The average time out of work has been one week. I have escaped so far… Then again I’m too busy to be sick (and I’ve been taking my vitamins)!

13 thoughts on “Looking to Go Viral

  1. So you are one that declined? This work should look good on your desk. It wouldn’t look good on mine eventually covered with dust. 🙂


    1. Oh no! I lined up early and got my flu vaccination. They give them out for free at work and I’m all about a free vaccination! Anyway the problem is that the vaccine this year will help lessen the severity but you can still get it – so I’m being very careful. As for dusting these orbs, I don’t. If they get really dusty I just pop them into the dish washer and wash them off!

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  2. Keep up with the vitamins — I hope you don’t succumb to the flu — it’s a nasty one this year! I had a shot in October, and live a pretty isolated life, staying away from places where the flu is rampant. In the past, I’ve had a nasty cold about once every 5 years!


    1. This year’s vaccine isn’t 100% protection. So I’ve been taking my vitamins and have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my office. (I’ve been wiping down the phone daily!)


      1. I don’t think the flu shots are ever 100% — but they do help, and my immune system has always been pretty good. Glad you had your vaccination — college campuses are pretty strong incubators for whatever is going around! Stay well!


    1. It has been deadly – and even the flu vaccine hasn’t stopped it. My family has escaped but so many of my coworkers haven’t that I’m afraid my luck might run out!


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