Looking to Feast

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph. This used to be a big deal in the Catholic Church. In fact, failure to observe this feast could get you excommunicated! You could get into deep trouble if you opened your business, conducted business of any kind (even going grocery shopping), or going to work… I suppose the dawn of the industrial age spelled the beginning of the end for this day of celebration in the U.S. So what does that have to do with anything you are asking. Well, our very energetic, charismatic, and traditionalist priest has decided that “the parish that parties” is going to put on an Italian Feast of St. Joseph tonight. Sparky has to work and I’m not gung-ho to attend alone.

Last week at work, I organized a Pi Day celebration. Staff participated by bringing in pies according to a category (meat, egg, cheese, fruit, or cream). They got to choose their category on a first come first serve basis. I made an Impossible Cheeseburger Pie. In my special Pi Day pie plate!

There were several other pies – a turkey pot pie, and 4 different quiches. Of course there were a preponderance of dessert pies. Most of them were store bought as we have a fair number of cooking adverse staff members. Our newest employee made an apple pie which was tasty. Since she was the only person to signup for a fruit pie, I made a “tropical” pie consisting of pineapple, peach and mango. It was a hit and 2 people asked for the recipe!

Sorry, the only photos were the ones I took first thing in the morning. This is the banana pudding pie one of the technicians made. She made the rookie error of putting banana slices on the top – the night before so they turned brown. It still tasted really good as it was homemade! I was in a meeting just prior to the Pi Day event and couldn’t get pictures of all the other pies…

In other news I took some stupid FB quizzes. According to one quiz my face/skin is that of a 27 year old. One that guesses your age and height based on your wardrobe choices announced that I’m 45 and 5’5″. Another one told me that based on their questions and my answers I am 36 years old and I work as a secretary. Another one said my IQ was 146 and I had my PhD. The last one I took was much more accurate – it said my spirit animal was a mouse…

10 thoughts on “Looking to Feast

  1. 5’5″ mouse with a PhD who works as a secretary. Quizzes can be fun. (Or devastating if you’re weak minded as I sometimes am)
    Pi Day sounds like more fun than the St. Joseph Feast. I hope you don’t get excommunicated.


    1. Hehe! The St. Joseph Feast was packed and my presence or absence was not noticed. Pi day was fun and the last of the pies were finished off on Monday. Next year we’ll probably do the chili cook-off instead.


    1. I love the Pi plate too. It is perfect for serving pie on pi day!! The bananas on top turned brown but the layer inside stayed white. It was a good pie – and homemade even…


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