Looking at Chitchat

Here is episode 21 of Looking Back! I think I have 15 episodes left…

I spend most of my time alone. No one visits me which I’m not complaining about. I’d be fairly cross if people just started showing up. Especially if they were people I know. The last time my brother visited he stayed for less than 30 minutes. We had been close, relatively speaking. Once he went to college I didn’t see him much. He probably has issues. I’m pretty sure he didn’t escape childhood without a few scars. That might explain his 3 failed marriages. All my experience with psychoanalysis has resulted in me being very self-aware. I’ve never made the mistake of thinking I loved someone enough to marry or procreate. DJ on the other hand seems intent on marrying every female that he manages to get in bed. And of course he ends up making as many “mini-me’s” as possible. His last visit was nearly 2 years ago. He looked at me and I could tell he was judging me – my hair, my clothes, the way I spoke. We stared at each other. He finally asked if I’d sign a paper to relinquish my share of our parent’s house so that they, meaning him and Beth, could put it on the market. I don’t think he thought it through. I told him I’d sign as long as I got a third of the profit. He tried to get me to agree without anything in writing. If there is anything I know about my siblings is that unless it is an iron clad legal document they will steal me blind. I must have changed the subject 10 times but he was relentless. He finally left me with a couple really awful school photos of his 2 oldest kids and a promise that he’d be back in a few months. Yeah, right. That is the problem with living a solitary life; you get out of practice making chitchat.

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