Looking for the Official Start of Spring

A freezing fog hangs
Suspends breath as a solid
Wool wrapped winter moon
Swings low in the soon spring sky
Indistinct and amorphous
Hinting at illumination
The way cold rain promises

Just because the calendar said that last Tuesday was the first day of Spring, doesn’t make it so. February gave us 60 degree days, a complete thaw, robins returning by St. Valentine’s Day, and the spring peepers chirping away before the end of the month. It was not spring then and it isn’t really spring now. I’m still wearing my winter coat and I’m not putting my gloves away anytime soon. We are starting Holy Week heading into Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. Like so many Easters before, I’m counting on it raining. Growing up my Grandmother would buy us all new Easter dresses. She would make sure we had new hats and often new shoes and coats too. We would look so pretty. And then we would go to church and freeze. The Easter dresses were always designed for people in Florida and not Indiana – short sleeves and light weight chiffon fabric. The congregation would gather around the cross in the front of the church where the Pastor would say some prayers and then we would process into the church singing. On the rare occasion when the sun would shine and the temperatures would climb out of the 40s, it was beautiful and joyous. But in my memory there were only 2 or 3 times when the weather cooperated. Most of the time we would stand there with the rain making our new hats limp and soaking through the little coats. Our dresses with once crisp lace and sharp pleats became sodden and weepy. We would shiver and shake and finally squish our way back into church. Once there, we would sit and drip dry. And it was always officially Spring. So now you understand why I’m not convinced that Spring is really here. When I can switch to a lightweight jacket and put away the snow boots – that’s when Spring will really arrive!

18 thoughts on “Looking for the Official Start of Spring

    1. And today the forecast is in the 50s. I’m not hopeful that we have seen the last snowfall. If memory serves we’re due for one last winter hiccup before spring is really and truly here!


  1. I don’t remember rain but I do remember some cold. Our mother never believe in Easter finery, we didn’t realize it was probably due to lack of funds. One time I remember one new hat, white straw, beautiful navy blue velveteen ribbon and some daises.

    Spring has to be here as our oak tree is throwing up those soft seed things that look like little caterpillars when you find one on your shoulder.


    1. Funds were tight for us too but my grandmother made sure we had Easter outfits. I think they are still making those hats for little girls! I can only imagine the reaction when finding the seed on your shoulder and thinking it is a caterpillar! hehehe!


  2. Last week was wintry here, with rain (only 1/4 nch, but that counts!) — by Friday, the temp will be up to 80! Spring? I’m not sure, but possibly!


    1. You must have some mourning doves nesting… or a bunch of hooligan grackles. My mother always said that if a bird poops on your head it was good luck. Some how I think that was a tale told to her by her grandmother – to make her feel better after a bird pooped on her hat and dripped down the lacy veil…


  3. I feel the same way! It’s been cold and rainy here all week, and that’s not supposed to change before Sunday. (Although not quite as cold as what you’re enduring.) But still, come Easter Sunday, I’m wearing slacks and a bright, spring-colored sweater to church. Underneath a coat.


    1. I bought a skirt that I was planning to wear with a lace jacket but I’m rethinking my wardrobe choices. Fleece leggings with a long sweater and a knit wrap could be my choice if the weather does not cooperate!


  4. I had to light the fire in my hearth this afternoon. I am hoping this will be the last time I will burn the firewood. It is so frikking cold and damp. End of March and no sign of sun. The crocuses (old faithfuls) have bloomed in snow and are beginning to droop a little, The daffodils are upright, believe it or not, and they had tight buds on them. I think by tomorrow or the day after they will open…. to a week of snow showers! A whole week of snow showers!! I am crying!


    1. We have snow in the forecast for Sat and Sun too. I’m sitting at the computer with the space heater running and wrapped in my fleece shawl.. I’m really looking forward some sunshine. Someday.


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