Looking Poetically Challenged

April is National Poetry Month (NPM). In the past I wrote a poem a day and posted them. But that was back in the days of Xanga when I blogged daily. Since coming to WordPress, I post 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I was contemplating how I could do a one a day program. The challenge isn’t writing a poem a day, it is finding the time to post every. single. day. My friend saintvi reminded me that I haven’t made up a “scavenger hunt” for NPM in a long time. So for NPM 2018 I am putting a scavenger hunt out there for you all to enjoy. The rules are:
1. You have to do original work – no fair cutting and pasting sonnets from a Shakespeare play.
2. You can use whatever style you want.
3. You can do as many or as few of the prompts as move you.
4. If you post a poem from one of the prompts make sure to let me know so I can visit your site and read your efforts!

The Looking Foolish 2018 NPM Scavenger Hunt
1. Waking up
2. Your favorite animal
3. Your favorite flower
4. Going to sleep
5. Water
6. Fire
7. Air
8. Use these words: resistance, funeral, lighthouse, graphite
9. Tip toe
10. Hiccup
11. Sneeze
12. Cough
13. Your favorite dessert
14. Describe your toes without using the word toe(s).
15. Refer to one season, seasoning, and one phase of the moon.

I will post poems twice a week. Now before you get all googly eyed and start thinking about boycotting my blog, I’ll let you in on a secret about poetry – to really appreciate poetry you should read it out loud. That way you can hear the rhymes, enjoy the alliteration, and find the rhythm. I wrote this Vers Beaucoup just for this post. It is a form created by Curt Mongold. The name Vers Beaucoup means many rhymes. Each stanza is 4 lines The rhyme scheme is a-a-a-b, b-b-b-c,c-c-c-d, d-d-d-e, etc. I hope you enjoy this one!

When fades the night
To morning bright
Open eyes let in the light
And I lay still pretend to sleep

Sun ascends slowly in arc steep
I crack an eye and watch it creep
But to my comfy bed I keep
Until chaos shakes me into day

The trumpet blast of children’s play
Annoying chirp of bird song gay
And covers rudely stripped away
To shock the body with chill air

Grabbing sheets I growl a bear
Fix the culprit with an icy glare
Sunny greeting response a stare
Don’t slap my thigh shouting giddy-up

Anger dampened by coffee cup
Drink it down refuse to sup
Acknowledge I’m finally up
As the moon disappears from sight

27 thoughts on “Looking Poetically Challenged

  1. I’m glad you’ve come up with a scavenger hunt! How fun!
    I won’t boycott your blog at all because I greatly enjoy your poetry. Including today’s poem about waking up.
    Enjoy your Monday now that the coffee has done its job.


  2. I won’t boycott either…I enjoyed your poem as well. If I can get my head out of writing my novel I may play along. The scavenger hunt is a fun idea! Happy Poetry Month and Happy Monday!


    1. Thank you! I wouldn’t want to delay your novel – but sometimes it is good to stretch other writing muscles so to speak. I hope you join in the scavenger hunt! I always like to see what other writers come up with for the prompts!


  3. Thank you for the list, and I love the poem. I shall try and keep up with your energy, and start writing some poems for this month. Thanks Val.


    1. You are very welcome! I remember the old Xanga days when writing prompts were everywhere and Leah would post her Scavenger Hunts that really stretched the poetical “muscles” – ah, those were the days. I hope this little Scavenger Hunt brings back a little of that magic…


    1. I’m so glad my little efforts are making poetry less mysterious and more accessible! I sincerely doubt you are dull – your wit is sharp and your posts make me laugh!


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