Looking at Seafood

Here is the latest installment (episode 23) of Looking Back. She has had a tough time but I’m not sure how much of it is bad luck and how much is her bad decisions…

My psychologist wanted to talk about my parents again. I really don’t have anything more to say about them. They are dead. I’ve rehashed the childhood trauma – feeling unloved, unappreciated, invisible, and as if they were too tired to deal with raising another child. So I steered the conversation toward a happier topic, my disastrous second job. It really wasn’t that bad if you don’t take into account moving from Texas to Michigan, having a shrew of a boss, and discovering that you are allergic to shellfish. I was really torn up about the shellfish. I still dream sometimes of shrimp scampi or crab patties. In my dreams I can taste the lobster bisque soup and it is so very good. Of course the seafood in Michigan is all frozen or if you want to spend an arm and a leg, it is flown in but hardly fresh. Michigan winters were cold and snowy with an ever present wind. And they started early and lingered well into what I would consider springtime. I didn’t make any friends. I suppose I didn’t try too hard. I was the new face and the person I replaced was well liked. I felt animosity and finally someone spilled that the boss had told everyone that their former coworker had been fired to “make room” for me. It was a rocky start. I ended up with all the crap assignments. It took 3 years before I decided to call it quits. As was typical from the boss, my going away luncheon was held at Red Lobster. To top the terrible work experience, I ended up barfing my guts out in the bathroom at the restaurant before the Going Away Party had even gotten off the ground! I suppose that means I’m allergic to even the smell of seafood.


4 thoughts on “Looking at Seafood

  1. Hi, I found you again, and this time I think I set it up so I’ll get e-mails when you post. Yay! I’ve missed you. I have an IPhone now, and am having a Terrible time learning how to use it. I’m just not smart enough for a smart phone. This morning it is stuck on picture taking, and even when I turn it off and turn it back on again it still is on camera!


  2. Ah, Michigan. As I read this on April frickin’ FOURTH there is snow on the ground. I was all optimistic and took my snow brush/ice scraper out of the van, so I guess I tempted fate and it’s all my fault. I’m feeling a bit like Merit today.


    1. Yep. We got snow too. And the thunderstorm zapped out modem so no internet. Spark has it up and running again. I got a new phone and we have free netflix so we’ve been watching movies… I saw Leap!, Avengers: Civil War, Beauty and the Beast, Boss Baby, Secret Life of Pets and Dr. Strange. I haven’t seen this many movies since dating in HS!


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