Looking Mousey

Movement from the shadows sees
Outside the bounds of reveries
Undercover quiet creeps
Skitters brown a softened blur
Escapes the feline’s paws and purr

This ceramic piece was a redo of an earlier one that I made as a small lidded vessel. I had presented it as a work going away gift. It had turned out OK but not as good as I had hoped since the glaze was too thick to allow any detail to show. This time I made it as an orb and used a much thinner glaze in white and clear. It is much better since I wasn’t trying to get brown and black mice to show up without having the glaze run. I am going to take it into work to display on my file cabinet. It took 3 weeks to complete since I had to wait until one side was firm enough to bear weight and not deform the little figures as I worked to add the mice on the other side. It was a little tricky to avoid breaking off their tails! The poem is an acrostic. For any not familiar with this poetry form, it holds a message in the first letter of each line – spelling out either a phrase or word that relates to the topic of the poem. I used NPM prompt #2 – Favorite animal from the Looking Foolish Scavenger Hunt…


12 thoughts on “Looking Mousey

  1. Love the little group of mice. Maybe they are babies? I once read a funny book called “Nobody Loves a Nervous Cow.” It had chapters on different animals telling their stories. The poor camel was allergic to camel’s hair. The mama mouse was stopped by another animal who wanted to talk. Mama Mouse said she didn’t have time to talk.
    The other creature kept talking and asked the names of her babies. Mama M. replied “Names? Who has time to name them? And now I must hurry and get home to have the next litter.”

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    1. Hehehe~ not too far off the mark. With litters born every 18-22 days (usually 21 days) it isn’t uncommon for the female to get pregnant within 12-24 hr after delivering a litter!! Mice and rats are baby making machines!


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