Looking for the Bottom of the Ocean

Bath time for a child is happy
Soft towel wrapped with a clean nappy
Deep bubble bath no cause to fret
The end of life can hold no threat

A boy teases ducks at the pond
He tickles turtles with a frond
Chases golden fish with a net
The end of life can hold no threat

At the baptismal font I swim
Saving water wash life and limb
Though tidal waves my world beset
The end of life can hold no threat

Don’t try to save me, let me sink
Stare death down, not afraid to blink
I slip into the vast sea wet
The end of life can hold no threat

This is prompt #5 – water for the Looking Foolish Scavenger Hunt in honor of National Poetry Month. I wrote this as a kyrielle. This form is a poem with 4 stanzas. Each stanza has 4 lines with 8 syllables per line written as rhyming couplets. The last line of the first stanza repeats as the last line of all subsequent stanzas. I know it sounds complicated but it isn’t really.

I’ve been underwater both literally and metaphorically. I am still suffering with a horrible head cold. My sinuses have become mucous generating factories running 3 shifts at full capacity 24/7. I’m miserable. I have been to the doctor. They have ruled out strep saying my sore throat is the result of massive post-nasal drip. (It is NOT a drip! It is a water fall of Niagara proportions!) As for the sinuses I’ve been assured that I do not have a sinus infection. The suggested treatment is very homeopathic – to get rid of all the liquid pouring from my head I’m supposed to use the neti pot and pour an additional cup of water into my sinus cavity!! It seems counter intuitive but I’ve done it. No real change except for the brief moment when the saline drips across my raw nose and burns.

As for the metaphorical drowning, well, work is a little overwhelming right now. But I’ve seen worse. I am an old hand at spinning plates and even if I’m a little out of practice, I haven’t forgotten how. My vacation is approaching.

20 thoughts on “Looking for the Bottom of the Ocean

  1. I was having the same problem. I got a massage in Arkansas & she worked on my sinus points & said it would help with the drainage. Later that day, I was at the nursing home visiting Mom & bent over to pick something up off the floor. Fluid came out of my nose like a faucet had been turned on! After that, the drainage stopped.


    1. Miracles do happen!! Now I’m wondering why you went against your opinion that a massage is a controlled beating?! I refuse to pay to be tortured but if it makes that much of a difference I might relent – at least once!


  2. I sure hope you can get a handle on that pnd. Allergist maybe? Perhaps Melinda found the answer.

    My issue is almost the opposite. If i could remember to get the vaporizer down and try to get moisture that way at night. Dr. no longer allows us decongestants.

    I really like that poem. The last line made me think of Barbara Bush right now, end of life is no threat to her.


    1. I’m nearly cured – well, mostly. Except when I recline or change positions when horizontal. It is manageable and the coughing has stopped. I’m not going to be singing any solos but I think I could sing again! Mrs. Bush was stubborn all her life and I’m fairly certain she will meet death on her own terms!


  3. End of life is no threat to me either. It’s just getting there that I worry about. God will have to give me the help when I need it. I’m trying to learn to trust Him more. Sure hope you feel better soon. Lots of people I know have the same thing. Must be a particularly nasty germ.


    1. I agree that getting there can be a struggle. I’d like to think I’d be ready especially if it was sudden… The germs have retreated and I’m close to cured!


      1. That’s good — but don’t be afraid of a good massage, which shouldn’t be like torture at all! Take care, and it sounds like you’re almost well again.


    1. I love this one! It seems as appropriate now as then… The phoenix is a beautiful bird once it is fledged until then it is an ash covered fuzzy mess. However dirty it is pledged to rise from the fire a brilliant success. You are that bird. I believe.


    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I wish the same for you. Work is just the “last straw” when you are under the weather. I’m much better now and despite a bit of the residual congestion, mostly back to normal!


  4. That’s a very good poem, and I’m amazed you could write so well when you’re feeling so badly. You must have a virus to end all viruses, and I’m so sorry that nothing is bringing you relief. I hope you feel better very, very soon!


    1. I’m doing much better. The miracle of medicine – gotta love the pseudoephederine and guaifenesin! I didn’t take anything all night last night and nothing today. I think I’m almost back to normal!


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