Looking to Cure Hiccups

To cure a hiccup
Start by sneaking up
A loud noise to shake up
Drink backward from a cup
Toss a rubber chicken – heads up!
Pet a cat or kiss a pup
Play 52 card pickup
Swallow maple syrup
Sit down fast and stand up
Take a nap and wake up
Or just ride it out until it lets up!

For NPM and the Looking Foolish Scavenger Hunt I give you prompt #10 – hiccup as a monorhyme. How many times have you had hiccups? How many “cures” have you heard of? Ten, twenty, a hundred? Everyone has their favorites. When I was in school several teachers had “cures” that they employed. My 4th grade teacher Mrs. Grady believed in water. She would send you to the drinking fountain to “drown the hiccup”. My 6th grade teacher Mr. Krug would scare the bejesus out of you by nonchalantly walking past your desk and suddenly slamming his hand on the desk. I don’t know if it ever cured hiccups but it certainly put the rest of the class at attention. In 8th grade Mr. Estes, the algebra teacher, had a rubber chicken he would throw at people who weren’t paying attention. He would carry the chicken around as he lectured. To cure hiccups he’d either hurl it at you or slap it over your head. The gym teacher, Ms. Gordon, would make you sit and then stand up – repeatedly until they abated.

I never could understand how any of these cures were helpful. A hiccup is simply a muscle spasm in the diaphragm. It doesn’t usually last very long and will go away on its own. Even if it doesn’t go away quickly there really isn’t much you can do… that is effective!

20 thoughts on “Looking to Cure Hiccups

  1. I don’t remember ever having hiccups in school but if I had your teachers I might remember. lol Now what is a solution for spasm in the esophagus? That’s a disgusting problem when eating, especially eating out.


    1. When I was in school hiccups were considered the worst distraction – and treated as if you were doing it on purpose! I have no clue as to what to do about swallowing spasms. A friend has them and he just has to eat small bites and avoid foods he terms “choking hazards” which includes most nuts, chips, and tough meat…


  2. My stepdad once had hiccups for 3 or 4 days. He was miserable. I don’t remember if he went to the dr. or hosp. or not. Eventually they stopped. I think it involved drinking orange juice and something rapidly. You didn’t mention breathing into a paper bag. I haven’t had hiccups for years, thank God.


    1. Hehe! 3 or 4 days is terrible but kind of amusing too. I thought breathing into the paper bag was to prevent hyperventilating. I haven’t had hiccups in a long time either – I hope we didn’t jinx ourselves!!


    1. Woot! Thanks for the compliment! I’m particularly happy that you enjoyed this poem! Studies show that they go away at the same rate whether you apply a remedy or not…


    1. Well if you think about it you do hold your breath while you drink – otherwise you’d drown! Still waiting it out is the best course of action in my opinion!


  3. You did a great job with the poem. As for my cure, I was told to try drinking out of a cup backwards. (You bend over form the waist and drink from the opposite side of the cup.) Amazingly, it actually works!


    1. Your kind words are a welcome surprise after a rough day at work! Thanks for this spot of sunshine! I have subscribed to your blog and I hope you do the same to me. Have a wonderful weekend.

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