Looking to Put Out the Fire

Although this is Wednesday and I normally post the Merit Bidwell saga, I’ve had to postpone the episode to try to squeeze in the poems to finish my scavenger hunt… Not to worry Merit will return soon!

Ghost pepper salsa
What is consumed must come out
Fire in the hole

This is a senyrus, a type of haiku. The difference is that the senyrus is not about the seasons and lofty ideals but instead is on the crude side pointing out the humor in the human condition. The poem still is a 3 line stanza with a syllable count of 5-7-5. This poem uses prompt #6 – fire from the Looking Foolish Scavenger Hunt for NPM.

This poem is brought to you by son#1 at the age of 10. Doritos had just come out with a new flavor of chip – Salsa Verde. He along with his brother and father had purchased a bag and they were relishing them. I was offered one and the smell singed my nose hairs. I declined. Although Sparky liked spicy food, he believes in moderation. He stopped eating after a good handful. Son#2 stopped as soon as his father did – no doubt because he was eating them to prove he was as tough as his father and older brother. But son#1 polished off the entire bag. I was awakened at some point in the dead of night by the wailing of son#1 calling for me. I stumbled out of bed thinking he was in mortal danger. He was in the bathroom. He was crying. The lesson that what is spicy going in is likely going to be spicy coming out was painfully impressed on his tender mind and well, the other end too. A cold compress and a couple “Tucks” and he was able to go back to bed. I couldn’t tell Sparky what was happening because if I had I would have not been able to continue to suppress my laughter. It was only after the children had left the house was I able to relay the story. We still laugh about it.

18 thoughts on “Looking to Put Out the Fire

    1. I had to suppress some massive guffaws and lots of cackling – Managed to keep a straight face through it all. Had a good laugh the next morning after the boys got on the bus!


  1. It’s the life lessons we learn the hard way that stick with us the longest. You have no idea how hard I am reining myself in to not type a bunch of jokes and puns. Love the poem… and the form. I’ve written “lowbrow” haiku before; I just didn’t realize it was it’s own separate form. I learn from the master.


    1. I’m glad I could amuse – and educate on a topic I’m not too familiar with (lowbrow) since I’m high class all the way! *snicker* You could let loose with the jokes and puns! Son#1 doesn’t read my blog…


    1. Yes he is! Much more careful than son#2 who tried to get the rest of the family to eat something called “Scorpion cheese” made with scorpion peppers…Too spicy even for the most macho guys in the room!

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  2. LMAO! There’s a life lesson. Reminds me of the time my youngest found a box of Fiber One Brownies and ate them all. Needless to say, he missed school the next day and spent a lot of time on the crapper.

    What is it about boys and spicy food? It’s like a test of masculinity or something. Mine gets the ghost pepper wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. I don’t even think he enjoys them, but he can smite his chest and take pride in eating every last one. Ugh!


    1. It is a macho thing. I remember my father, grandfather and uncle having a pepper eating contest at the dining room table at Christmas dinner. I don’t know how the others fared but my father was miserable all the next day. The Fiber One stuff is evil! I avoid it like the plague. I suspect it was rejected as a colon cleanse method for colonoscopy because it tasted too good!!


    1. I can’t deal with too much spice either. My boys on the other hand seem to relish the spicy stuff. Son#1 is more cautious and both are fans of moderation – thankfully!


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