Looking Short, Stubby, and Uncoordinated

This is my latest offering for NPM using the Looking Foolish Scavenger Hunt prompts #13. Your favorite dessert and #14. Describe your toes without using the word toe(s). I wrote this as a nonet. A nonet is just like a reverse etheree except it starts with 9 syllables instead of 10. There is no requirement for rhyming.

I am more highly evolved than most
My feet no longer prehensile
Not able to hold a spoon
Or eat chocolate pudding
Good thing I use hands
Distal digits
Are useless
When I

Feet are funny things. And toes are even funnier. I am the anomaly in my house. All the male members of this family have toes like monkeys. They can pick-up things, manipulate objects, and more then likely would be able to perform most daily tasks if they lost the use of their arms. I however would not be able to unscrew the toothpaste cap, load the toothbrush, and accomplish oral hygiene but the 3 of them would have minty fresh breath and pearly white teeth! There are lots of inspirational videos and stories about people who struggled and overcame the lack or loss of their arms. These folks are able to get dressed and drive and cook and paint or draw or even type their great novel. If I was lucky I’d be dressed in a poncho and have a straw by which I’d manage to suck up whatever I could find in a liquid/semi-liquid form. It wouldn’t be pretty. All that because my toes are so short that they don’t bend.

19 thoughts on “Looking Short, Stubby, and Uncoordinated

  1. Forgive me for laughing at your short toes. My TX daughter works for a woman who has no fingers on either hand. Either that or she has no hands, I can;t remember. I met her once, and she is a delightful person. She’s also missing half of one leg. She’s taught my daughter a lot about cooking, sewing, gardening, arranging flowers and crafts.


  2. Would you believe I wrote a reverse etheree for my favorite dessert? I wrote it last night and laughed when I saw this post this morning. Friend mind meld! I enjoyed your combination of prompts and love the poem.

    Your reverse etheree is much better than mine, but here’s the link to today’s effort: http://saintvi.xanga.com/?p=10394

    Have you tried the paradelle? lol It’s a buggar!


    1. The paradelle is a parody of the villanelle and the villanelle is too much like a sestina to make me comfortable! I have tried a paradelle but it has been several years. The bad karma still lingers! I love me some pie too but my heart belongs to chocolate – chocolate anything. Although chocolate cooked pudding is my all time favorite. I want to disagree with your assessment of your poetical ability but I don’t want to argue!! Let’s just form a mutual admiration society and move forward!


        1. I went to xanga and left several messages. You are too good! I’m so ecstatic that you have done all these prompts and you have stretched your poetical muscles! I’m thinking you could pull together enough of them to make your own book!


  3. I love it, and how funny that your poem is so similar to Melinda’s! I think of my toes as being pretty prehensile, but I don’t think I could accomplish brushing my teeth, either!


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