Looking at the Worm Moon

It is the season of the cough
That time between
Cold and warm
When the Worm Moon shines
Without heat
A promise unfulfilled
Salt without flavor
Pepper without zing
The robin arrives too soon
And huddles hungry
Suppressing a song

This is my last entry for National Poetry Month. I combined 2 prompts from the Looking Foolish Scavenger Hunt (#12 -cough, and #15 – Refer to one season, seasoning, and one phase of the moon) into one poem. This has been a rough Spring this year. I’m fortunate that my cough is gone and the lingering sickness has finally been beaten into submission. I had to break down and eat a couple oranges to supplement my massive doses of Vitamin C. I’m so sick of chicken soup I refuse to even open one of those “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books! We had really nice weather for 3 whole days before it got cold and wet and miserable again. I’m worried that there won’t be a summer. At this rate we’ll slide from winter into fall and bypass spring and summer altogether! On a similiar note, my in-laws sold their summer home in Arizona last week. They will be living in Northern Indiana year round. Yes, they have lost their minds. But if you must know, I’m glad they will be here all winter and will join us for Thanksgiving and Christmas from now on. Misery loves company…

14 thoughts on “Looking at the Worm Moon

  1. I’m glad you’ll have family moving close to you again. Maybe they miss the white stuff? Also, really glad you’re feeling better. This has been the most miserable “Spring” I can remember. I’m afraid I will miss the best of it when I go to CA May 9 – 20, but I’m not complaining, not at all. I’ll meet my brother and his wife at LAX (they’re flying direct from Madrid.) We’ve rented an Air BnB apt. a couple blocks from the beach. Yay!


    1. Sounds like a very good time!! Saintvi loaned me the story of your grandmother’s life. I started reading it at 9:00 PM last night and couldn’t put it down! I finished it at 1:30 AM. Wow! Wow! (I understand there was some poetic license with the depiction of your grandmother as angelic but that the facts were well represented.) I will return it to saintvi as soon as I finish the other book about her brother…


  2. The authorities, or they think they are see no change in our weather while ice caps melt away. We fluctuate from nice day to cloudy or cold. Our AC is back on. Humidity high again.


    1. The shift in the weather may start to seriously impact the crops/growing seasons. I’m worried about the changes creating extinctions of many animals that depend on the polar ice. Of course the warming of the oceans could spell a marked decrease in commercial fish available which in turn would put an end to those who depend on subsistence fishing! Everything is interconnected. If one suffers we will eventually all suffer!


    1. My in laws live a block away but spend winters in AZ. They’ve decided to sell (health issues have made them reconsider owning 2 homes). So we get to see them all year round instead of just in the summer! The weather has been unpredictable everywhere! Today it was 80 but 4 days ago it was a high of 45. I’m not betting against one last snow!


  3. I love the poem, but it makes me melancholy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Worm Moon before.

    Do you know I went through the past two weeks thinking May 1st was on Monday? I had an extra day for the Scavenger Hunt… I didn’t have to write two poems in one day.


    1. hehe! Well at least you had a “cushion” that you didn’t count on. This one was sort of unplanned. I just let it flow and it came out as is. I may at some future date revisit it and try to make revisions and refine it a tad…


        1. Ha! I work with college students so I don’t have to deal with that… just the dedicated students that don’t want to miss the last class due to head colds. And the occasional hung-over student (our class was on Monday at noon – still too early for a few of them)!!


  4. You are so good and diligent in your writings. The poetry month came and went, and I couldn’t do much, other than scratch my head and groan a few times. I keep telling myself, got to write those thoughts down, but damn the elusiveness of the gossamer thoughts! Well, next time, I mean next year perhaps. Too many things to do now.


    1. Thank-you for the compliment! I really like closure and my touch of OCD makes me persistent. My muse is not so carefree as yours and seems to be more willing to be at my beck and call. However there is much to be said of quality over quantity! You didn’t post one daily but the ones you did present to the world were superior!!


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