Looking to Travel

We are nearing the end of this story – episode 28 is here for your reading pleasure!

Have I mentioned that I’m bored? It has been several years since I’ve traveled anywhere and I’m thinking I need to get away. Maybe I should plan a vacation of sorts. But that’s the problem, I suffer from inertia. Not a single psychologist or psychiatrist has ever made a diagnosis of boredom or inertia. That makes me question their competence. Anyway, if I were to leave I don’t know where I’d go. Really, I’ve been to so many states and cities both big and small that I can’t imagine an interesting destination. The only place I haven’t been is overseas but that kind of travel is rather problematic. I don’t have a passport. My favorite mode of travel is by bus. It gets you there with the options of taking in the scenery, sleeping, reading, or deep thinking. You just can’t do that if you are the driver, at least not if you want to arrive at your destination in one piece. Some of my best ideas came while riding the charter bus in college. I whiled away some time last week looking up National Parks. There are still some around that don’t charge entrance fees. It was on my bucket list to visit all the National Parks. I had to put that one on hold. I am almost finished with my novel so as soon as I submit it to every publisher on the planet I’ll be able to check that one off. I’ve already checked off a bunch from the list – hot air balloon, petting a lion, swimming in each of the Great Lakes, and New Year’s Eve in Times Square. There are several items on my bucket list that haven’t happened yet. I still want to change my name for one. I’d like to have a pet parrot – one that I could teach to talk. And I want to learn how to fly a plane. Not that anything is really holding me back from doing those things except my own dislike of change. If I decide to take a trip it will be a very deliberate act with lots of pre-planning. I’m not as spontaneous as some people think.

7 thoughts on “Looking to Travel

  1. This post makes me think of a poem of Stephane Mallarmé:
    Brise marine

    La chair est triste, hélas ! et j’ai lu tous les livres.
    Fuir ! là-bas fuir ! Je sens que des oiseaux sont ivres
    D’être parmi l’écume inconnue et les cieux !
    Rien, ni les vieux jardins reflétés par les yeux,
    Ne retiendra ce cœur qui dans la mer se trempe,
    Ô nuits ! ni la clarté déserte de ma lampe
    Sur le vide papier que la blancheur défend,
    Et ni la jeune femme allaitant son enfant.
    Je partirai ! Steamer balançant ta mâture,
    Lève l’ancre pour une exotique nature !

    Love ❤

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    1. I had to use Google translate which I’m sure didn’t capture the lyrical quality of the poem. Still I got the meaning… to escape even through the pages of a book is good but escaping into the real unknown is better!

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  2. In real terms, I am somewhat throwing my itinerary, next month, to the wind. There are two hard and fast commitments- my niece’s wedding and Reenie Mac’s (former Xangan’s) party. Like your character, I’ve been to a lot of places, many of which are worth revisiting.


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