Looking High and Low

I have misplaced an item. I visualize it in my minds-eye. I remember where I last saw it. For the life of me I can’t find it! You are probably thinking that this item is small, an earring? Or maybe it is a shoe or perhaps a kitchen gadget like the strawberry topper but you’d be wrong. I have lost a digital bathroom scale! How in blue blazes does someone lose a scale?! I got the scale as part of a weight loss study. I was supposed to weigh and record daily the fluctuations in my numbers. At the same time I had to take body measurements and record them. All that was done while adding a dietary supplement (fiber in pill form) that I had to take for 6 weeks. It was the most miserable 6 weeks of my life. Being very pregnant in the steamy heat of July was more enjoyable than that little pill. The pill that caused me to poop like an elephant and produce enough gas that if harnessed would have heated a modest home for the winter! I digress. That scale was used for about a year after the study ended. Then the batteries died and I never replaced them. The scale was placed under the sink in the hall bathroom. BUT IT ISN’T THERE! I have torn the house apart in my search. I just know (confirmed by a deep ache in my bones) that the scale will surface immediately after I shell out big bucks for a new one!

To further complicate this tale, I don’t want a new scale. We have a perfectly good one that was a wedding gift from Sparky’s oldest sister (that is a whole other story). But it works just fine. It is of German manufacture and is very accurate. The issue is that it is not digital so as you stand on it the little needle wiggles. The needle wiggles and Sparky can’t read the number because he can’t see the tiny lines that are the graduations between the big and bigger numbers. When he bends down to get a better look the needle goes all over and he mutters and grumbles. I don’t seem to have any problem reading the scale….
Can you guess what Sparky is getting for Father’s Day?

18 thoughts on “Looking High and Low

  1. I know what you mean. We bought one that wasn’t digital as sometimes the digital does the error thing. Little did we know that dial is just too small. (it was large on the box)


    1. Ours has a fairly big dial but it isn’t big enough for Sparky!! I know how packaging can be deceiving. I bought some measuring spoons for a wedding gift. They wanted the rainbow color set. The picture on the box was the rainbow set but inside they were all red!!


  2. I smiled as I read this. I often lose things that are impossible to lose. Eventually I either find them or forget about them. I have never lost a bathroom scale however. At least, not yet.


    1. Hey! If you can see the numbers it is a good thing. I know a couple people who can’t read the numbers because their bellies are in the way… Sparky’s problem is a combination of the size of the numbers and that the dial is moving.


    1. That would be an easy solution but he bought a digital scale. At least he got it at a garage sale for $3 instead of the $30 new. (he ruined another gift opportunity but jumping the gun and getting it for himself!)

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            1. I suppose it is possible but now I’m wondering what they needed a bathroom scale for! Scheduled to visit for dinner next week so I can ask and maybe snoop in the bathroom!!


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