Watching and Waiting

Watching and waiting
Inhale and hold it
Exhale and let go
We can never know
When birth or death comes

The sun will rise
Or perhaps not
Death’s slumber comes
In midnight dreams

Night births sun
Sun brings light
Light fills eyes

We wake


This is a diminishing Hexaverse. It is a syllabic form consisting of 5 stanzas. The first is 5 lines with 5 syllables per line. Each successive stanza has one less line and one less syllable per line. Not too hard to wrap your head around.
I’ve been waiting for several things to happen. I am waiting for 2 people to leave work and waiting for 2 new hires. I’m waiting for serology to be gathered and submitted. I’m waiting for grants to be funded. I’m waiting to get approval for vacation requests. And as always I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop!
In other exciting news, my husband Sparky was contacted about getting his teaching job back. He really enjoyed teaching at the college level. However the pay is low but more than he makes at Lowe’s. I hope he will keep his job at Lowe’s at least until the bathroom remodeling is completed! (gotta love the employee discount!)! In the meantime I’m just breathing in and out.

12 thoughts on “Watching and Waiting

  1. Can Sparky do the teaching job and perhaps part time at Lowe’s? The bathrooms are expensive, but I’m really pleased so far — except I suddenly realized this morning that I couldn’t take a shower — one has no controls, and the other has a toilet sitting in it so the tiling could happen yesterday afternoon! Today toilet goes back and faucets go in. It’s at least a quick job — one week total should take care of it!


    1. I’m hopeful that he can do both. But ultimately it will be his choice. I’m glad the bathrooms are almost finished! I wondered about the showers… Oh well, when it is done you can take a wonderful shower and admire the bathroom from that angle!

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      1. I asked if I could use the shower tomorrow morning, and the answer was “you can even use it this evening if you want!” Painters come tomorrow!


  2. I took a quick shower tonight — will take another in the morning and wash my hair. They put in a new shower head that’s much bigger than what I had — it’s great!


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