Looking Incredible

Sparky and I had a real date night. It contained all the elements for a super romantic evening. First we jumped into the sweltering car and added a passenger – Chippy. After 3 days of him snatching the bait and eluding the trap, he was caught. The plan was to turn him loose at Central Park on our way to church. We totally forgot that it was Summerfest at the park. Sparky double parked and released him. He took off like his tail was on fire! We then had to scrounge for a parking spot since the road was blocked off so the church parking lot was inaccessible. We enjoyed Mass in air conditioned comfort. From there we headed to dinner. Sparky decided on Hibachi Grill. It was busy but being a buffet we didn’t have to wait. And as a bonus they had squid! With time to spare we arrived at the movie theater and snagged the last seats that were together. Best seats EVER! We were center last row. The seats were designated ‘handicapped’ but they were wonderful – close to the exit (for bathroom breaks), lots of room, no other seats on either side, unobstructed view from the front, and special speakers!

We watched Incredibles 2. Everyone raved about Elasti-girl having the spotlight. I was enamored with Jack-Jack. And the raccoon was altogether adorable. In fact I can’t wait for the next installment – I hope it doesn’t take 14 another years to bring it to the big screen! The reviews and ratings put this one at 4.5 stars but in my book it is a solid 5 stars! However the Pixar short that played before the movie “Bao” was – – odd and um, well, disturbing. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Romance is alive
In comfortable shoes
Laughing together

17 thoughts on “Looking Incredible

  1. I loved that movie, and for the same reason! Plus Edna Mode. The short was disturbing & I read a review by someone who took her 5 year old niece to see the movie, & the niece was traumatized by the short. Not really appropriate for young children.


  2. I wish you could see my face right now. I have never eaten squid but have seen it cooked on TV. Now to get the ewww…expression off my face. lol

    Glad you caught chippy.


  3. Really so sweet! I wish your dad and I had practiced having a regular “date night” but we did have fun…just didn’t plan ahead….except for monthly bridge club.


  4. This sounds like the sort of date night that Penny and I had, especially once the boy came along. He was usuallly part of the deal, so a PG movie was usually the top-off event.


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