Looking at My Red Shoes

Vain glory attracts the devil
Red slippers in church are worn
Boast that you are above the level
Nose in the air you scorn
The sensible footwear of others
Fashion over decorum and humility
Putting on airs for your sisters and brothers
But running from Satan you lack agility
Those red shoes tempt the soul
Sit in the pew too proud to hear
Hold you back from a heavenly goal
Give up all you should hold dear
Slide away before you know
Ruby slippers lead the way
To flames and fire raging below
Too soon too late to pray

I bought some bright red tennis shoes. Well, not really tennis shoes. They are casual lace up shoes with a soft rubber sole. I always wanted red shoes. But my mother was very practical and since red “wasn’t my color” red shoes wouldn’t match anything in my closet. It was probably for the best. I’m not sure where it originated but there are stories about red shoes being possessed and carrying the innocent wearer to hell. I suppose that was the reason that red shoes (if purchased) were never ever to be worn to church!

20 thoughts on “Looking at My Red Shoes

  1. I bought a pair of “red” sandals. I can’t wear them with anything. They match nothing. If I try them with outfits that red would look good with, they look orange. And with anything vaguely orange, they look red.
    Roxane put on her red shoes and danced. And you know what she was.


    1. Ha! I have been wearing my red shoes with denim and it doesn’t matter what color the top is!! I don’t think my mid-top red shoes come close to the kind of shoes she wore when she danced!! Go ahead and wear the red sandals – no one will notice they don’t match – they will be looking at your feet!!


  2. Have you read the “#1 Ladies Detective Agency” books? Remember how Mma Makutsi’s shoes talk to her?
    P.S. The ads below your post both are red; one is a red car and the other is red raw ground beef. I don’t know what they are advertising and don’t care. Haha!


  3. Delightful poem, still have a smile on my face. Must say I don’t recall any red shoes in church. Shoot as a teen I wanted saddle oxfords when they were the rage, mom flat said we couldn’t afford them, so I never had any. I did have some penny loafers.


    1. Thanks – I’m tickled you liked this poem! Red shoes in church are still a taboo (at least that’s how it seems). I had saddle shoes but only because they were “corrective shoes” and I hated them. They weighed 20 pounds and I’d be exhausted when I got home from school!


    1. There are many opinions on what is required for “decorum” in church. Currently it is considered bad form to wear strapless tops/dresses that show bare shoulders, very short skirts, t-shirts that advertise alcohol/cigarettes/violence or have vulgar words… Everything is noticed by someone!

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  4. I’ve always thought red was rather versatile. I wore my red cowboy boots with almost everything. Of course, a girl in high school told me that my mother dressed me funny. I puzzled over that comment for a long time…I’m still puzzled by it.


    1. Seems that you have your own style! I’d say you were a trend setter since cowboy boots are accepted as proper footwear with almost anything – including wedding dresses!!


  5. I still remember my beloved red shoes from when I was six or seven years old. I made sure my daughter had shiny, red patent leather shoes when she was little. She wore them with a navy blue dress with white polka dots and she looked adorable. Red shoes are not for matching your clothes, but for contrast. They look fabulous with blue, gray, black, yellow… you probably had several outfits you could have worn them with back in the day. I’m glad you finally got a pair!


  6. Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz had sparkly red shoes and I don’t think those were sinful or bad! I have a pair of red fisherman sandals….sort of like a little kid shoes, and they are so very comfortable … and I wear them quite a bit. I don’t ever remember you having to wear corrective shoes my dear daughter… I always thought you girls all had very nice feet! But I am old and forgetful.


  7. Love the poem. I think people should get whatever color shoes they want. Little Cutie wears her green flip flops the most..simply because green is our favorite color. Rarely matches but..oh well. LOL. Glad you got red shoes.


  8. Love the poem! I have never heard this about red shoes. Interesting indeed. I have a pair of red shoes that have somehow gone missing since the move. I admit I didn’t wear them often – I didn’t want to get them messed up! Enjoy your red shoes! peace & smiles


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