Looking at Reunions

Sparky’s mother decided to host a “family reunion” at the neighborhood recreation center. It was a perfect day. The weather cooperated with temperatures in the mid 70s to low 80s and not a spot of rain. We had a slight breeze to keep the air moving. She had rented the smaller adult pool and the clubhouse from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. There were about 30 of us in attendance. It was a fun time. But what is a reunion without drama? so to recap:
1. The grill had a leak in the connection to the propane tank. Everyone retained their eyebrows despite Grandpa hitting the ignition button multiple times while the guys tried to tighten the hose. Seems he was oblivious since he was planning on getting in the water and left his hearing aids at home…
2. The hotdogs had to be cooked so the “strappers” (strapping young men) headed back to Grandpa’s house and loaded the non-leaking personal grill into the van and delivered it to the patio for grilling service. Lunch was not served until 2:00 PM… everyone was hungry!
3. Sparky had fun in the pool. He had applied sunscreen to his exposed skin – when he had his shirt on. As he was getting ready for bed it was obvious that he got a little too much sun on his chest/belly and back. I was able to apply some aloe vera gel with lidocaine to his burns. He was better in the morning.
4. I made Jello Jigglers out of TMNT Shell-Shockin’ Sour Apple. They were spectacularly bad. However there were none left over. I tasted them and did not like them. They tasted awful – sort of a cross between sour apple and jalapeno pepper flavor. No wonder that flavor was on sale 3/$1 for the big 8 serving boxes!!
5. Sparky’s oldest sister lost her sunglasses and I loaned her mine. At the end of the party as we were cleaning up they were discovered right where she left them – on top the refrigerator.
6. Son#1 and Son#2 assisted me in cleaning the clubhouse at the end of the party. We stacked the chairs, cleared the tables, packaged up the food, emptied the coolers, took out the trash and recyclables, and vacuumed the carpet. No one helped and no one thanked us. Hmm.

It wasn’t Jerry Springer drama. Yeah, I know our version of drama isn’t really drama. On the bright side Sparky’s mother’s younger sister and her husband came from St. Louis and stayed a couple of days. His sister and her husband visited from Wyoming. We had a nephew and his fiance come in from Chicago and another nephew visiting from Georgia. A niece and her brood of 4 were able to attend from Ft. Wayne. All in all it was a good time. The older you get the more important family becomes to you. Or maybe a better word than important is precious. Seems so many of the senior members of the family are passing. It is scary thinking that I am becoming a senior member!!

Matriarch holds court
Counts the grandchildren’s noses
Marks who gives her hugs
Tallies who’s naughty and nice
Changes the will yet again

19 thoughts on “Looking at Reunions

    1. Hehe! Glad you liked the poem. The sunscreen was one of those “Duh” moments. He is peeling now and looks fairly diseased! (though it doesn’t hurt anymore)


    1. It was a tense moment with all the guys shouting at G’pa to STOP PRESSING THE BUTTON! He still didn’t hear them and only afterward when he had his hearing aids in did he understand when they were explaining what had happened. He was a little distressed and I imagine he will keep the hearing aids in from now on!


  1. My mom came from a family of 11 kids so our reunions are HUGE. Each of the offspring of grandma and grandpa took turns organizing the reunions so it would take eleven years to come around to my mom’s turn. As the “children” grew old, it fell to the grandchildren. This year it was my sister and my turn; we dropped the ball. Your post makes me feel bad that we didn’t do it this year. You reminded me how precious family is, even distant family one sees only once a year.


  2. Ha! I have a White Trash Memorial Day Cookout with the in-laws to write about, but I’d get in a heap of trouble–or not…don’t think they read.. my blog or much else. 🙂


  3. Glad the reunion went (mostly) well! I do hope that next time, someone else takes their turn on the cleanup crew. If not, you always have the option of changing the will again…LOL!


    1. Nah. The people in the will were cleaning up with me…Although at one point my MIL was urging me to “get into the picture” until she remembered that I’m her daughter in law. Nice that she had to really think about!


  4. I’m glad (in general) it went well. It was sweet of your sons and you to clean. Sorry you didn’t get the appreciation you deserved. The grill incident was scary–glad no one got hurt.
    Yes..the older we get, the more precious family is. Hugs


    1. Yes – there were a couple of tense moments. This year we did it again but decided not to grill and instead we had pulled pork bbq in crock pots. Grandpa could visit instead of cooking! It was much more relaxing!

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