Looking Blue

I’m not going to discuss depression. There I got that out of the way. Nor am I going to discuss my somewhat blue nail beds (especially in the winter) due to very poor circulation in my hands. I’m going to discuss eye shadow, specifically blue eye shadow. When I was first experimenting with make-up, the hip look included frosted white lips and baboon blue eye shadow. My mother didn’t subscribe to that fashion so she didn’t own any white lipstick. Her eye shadow palate was in greens and earth tones. My friend Anita’s mother bought make-up for her. You see Anita had a problem – trichotillomania. It is an irresistible urge to pull out their hair, usually from their scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Trichotillomania is a type of impulse control disorder and Anita had it bad. She had pulled out all her eyelashes and had started on her eyebrows. In an effort to persuade her to leave them alone she was given the make-up. It is really hard to apply mascara if you don’t have lashes. Anyway, we would spend lots of time attempting to apply eye make-up to look like the pictures in the magazines. At first we would both end up looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.

We both gravitated to blue since it was the in color. Anita was blond so she didn’t look too bad in blue. With my bright red hair, I looked frightful. What we wanted to look like was Twiggy.

We never did get it right. Instead we discovered what didn’t look good and what did – with a little help from Anita’s mother and to a greater extent from her little brother who was unmerciful in his critiques! So for many years I refused to wear blue eye shadow. It just wasn’t in my repertoire. Times change and I now own 2 different blues – a frosted turquoise blue that leans to aqua and a light blue from Clinique.

Just when I start to get comfortable wearing blue eyeshadow, the game changes and everyone is wearing navy blue shadow. The young girls look like they were socked in the eye. I don’t think I’m going to join this trend in blue!

19 thoughts on “Looking Blue

  1. I wondered what your blue post would be about! I can’t use powder eye shadows because of my allergies. I’m always running my eyes & then the powder gets in them making it worse. Same with mascara, plus it left marks on my glasses. I used to use eye shadow pencils & I tended to use greens and browns. These days I just don’t bother with eye makeup at all.


  2. Wow! I’m impressed that you actually know what color is in fashion. The only thing I’ve noticed about make up is that they seem to be removing natural eyebrows and replacing them with big, straight caterpillars. Oh, and how could one miss noticing the latest trend in false eyelashes?!


    1. I agree – the overly dark and drawn on eyebrows are weird looking. I can only imagine what the girls of today will say when they are 60 and looking back at those photos! Probably the same thing and we did when thumbing through the old year book, “What were we thinking!?!?” hehehe.


  3. Every girl wants to look like a celeb, starting out. It’s part of the fun. My late wife was a minimalist, when it came to cosmetics. She used Body Shop cosmetics, as they are free of harmful substances. I appreciated the “unmade-up” look.


  4. Oh those days of early makeup experimentation! I’d have look closely at some of my old photos but I remember wearing light blue eye shadow and white sometimes believe it or not. I wore different colors. And I had a green mascara that was a favorite! Ha. I hope the makeup helped your friend. I went to school with a girl who also had that. Peace always


    1. Haha! I forgot about the mascara colors! I never had anything but dark brown or black but there were plenty of girls wearing blue, green and sometimes purple mascara! They were the “cool” girls…

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  5. The new look is horrific. WOW.
    I remember the blue shadow days. I stick to natural colors mostly. Occasionally, I put a tad of green on my lids..it’s the only time (except for when I wear a green shirt) that people realize I have hazel (green/brown) eyes not brown. lol. I do,however, on occasion wear dark blue mascara…again something most don’t realize unless they are up close. 😉


    1. I favor greens and the occasional blue (light) and sometimes for formal evening events (New Years) I have some gold and some silver shadow… I don’t wear mascara but maybe once a year and I just use black… Maybe I should get some colored mascara!


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