Looking for Insurance

Denied for Spoils
If a claim for damages
If a claim is denied
Denied out of hand
Denied with prejudice
Prejudice against illness
Prejudice against poverty
Poverty of mind
Poverty of spirit
Spirit of justice
Spirit of compassion
Compassion is sought
Compassion is lacking
Lacking from corporations
Lacking in government
Government without a conscience
Government like a business
Business about the money
Business by and for the rich
Rich get richer
Rich make everyone else poor
Poor get poorer
Poor find no justice
Justice in the law
Justice in courts
Courts run by government
Courts controlled by money
Money for bail
Money for lawyers
Lawyers looking for prestige
Lawyers representing causes
Causes that are noble
Causes that line their pockets
Pockets of corruption
Pockets that are deep
Deep enough to hold judges
Deep like the ocean
Ocean of despair
Ocean that swallows hope
Hope that is lost
Hope against all odds
Odds on favorite
Odds are the house wins
Wins against the little man
Wins the jackpot
Jackpot he shouts in victory
Jackpot contains the spoils
Spoils ill-gotten gains
Spoils go to the wealthy

The above is a Blitz poem. It is a form I’ve used before that was created by Robert Keim. It consists of 50 lines where the first word of the first line becomes the 1st word of the second line. The last word of the 2nd line becomes the 1st word in the next two (line 3 & 4) lines. This pattern is repeated until line 49. Line 49 is a single word which is the last word of line 48 and line 50 is a single word, the last word of line 47. There is no punctuation. The title is the first word in line 3 followed by a preposition or conjunction and the first word from line 47.
The inspiration for this poem is a letter I received in the mail from my insurance company. In short it said that they were cutting benefits. Granted the items being cut don’t particularly affect me. They are reducing the coverage for childbirth, and mental health coverage, and mammograms. They are completely eliminating birth control. But the thing that really got me going was the little section titled “If A Claim is Denied” wherein they describe your recourse when the plan administrator denies a claim. Basically you have a snowball’s chance in Hades. After an informal meeting, a 90 day wait and then a mediation session, if your situation isn’t resolved you can seek a legal remedy. Of course it would be you and your puny lawyer against a cadre of sharks paid to do one thing and one thing only – make sure you don’t get any thing. I am fearful that the insurance industry is poised to ensure most of the working poor are uninsured!

12 thoughts on “Looking for Insurance

    1. Bonnie it is a serious concern. As I get closer to retirement I worry more about the cost of health coverage. I don’t want to have to choose between food or medication or between health insurance or home repair. I read about a woman with holes in her roof, no utilities and injured all because her social security didn’t cover enough for utilities and medical care. Her neighbors finally stepped in and helped her.


  1. When the ACA went into effect, I was unhappy because of the increased cost and decreased coverage of health insurance. Now, with congress trying their best to make it ineffective (since they couldn’t repeal it), I’m furious. How can anyone not understand that it’s more cost effective to cover things like mammograms, pelvic exams, birth control pills, etc. rather than pay for mastectomies, hysterectomies, chemotherapy, pregnancies, births and other things that can be caught early or prevented altogether?


    1. Yep. Prevention is always better. Even Ben Franklin knew it so many years ago. It hasn’t changed. The US is falling behind because corporations control the money and don’t have a conscience. The amount of money spent on advertising alone by businesses could guarantee universal health coverage. Add a little more to the pot and there could be free college to any who want an education!


  2. Great poem. Very clever in composition.
    The insurance companies have been poised like vultures through out. I have had to fight them for months on end to help my patients. In my own personal attempts regarding payment by the Humana Supplemental company for what I went through in London, I was so distraught with the tongue in cheek way they handled the situation. I am glad I found a shark to let them realize their mistake.
    How the poor sick people suffer because of the insurance companies’ ego centric attitude.


    1. I know that you had trials and tribulations getting the insurance company to finally pay what they should have covered. I’m glad it turned out in your favor. Too many people don’t have the stamina or resources to force the insurance companies to cover what they should. In my experience all claims are initially denied and only if it is contested do they eventually come around.


  3. Medicare for all!!! Be sure to vote this coming November. It may be the most important vote of your entire life. OK I’m off my soapbox now. I really enjoyed this poem’s form…It is very very interesting and very effective too for this subject. The schoolteacher in me gives you an A+. Love you my dear daughter.


    1. Health care shouldn’t be a luxury – if we can afford to build a wall and have parades for the President we should have the moral conscience to provide medical insurance for everyone without exclusion of pre-existing conditions!!!


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