Looking Inside the Cookie

I was dumb-founded. All I could think was “what in the world is going on?” You are probably wondering what event seriously rocked my world. It was my dinner. Sparky and I had Chinese carry-out, specifically bourbon chicken, pot-stickers, and fortune cookies. Everything we normal until we opened the cookies.

It appears that even the fortune cookie company has “sold out” to Big Business! I mean really. What is happening that now you can’t even get a fortune cookie fortune without an annoying advertisement? It is like Google has branched out to fill every space with ads and infomercials. There are ads on the McDonald’s french fry pouch, the beverage cup at Burger King, and too many cars, trucks and buses! And now the fortune cookie had succumbed. Next it will be printed on the toilet paper!

Placed in the visual field
Subtle messages
Ubiquitous yet unseen
Infiltrates our consciousness

A little Tanka for your reading pleasure! (A Tanka is syllabic forms containing 5 lines with the syllable count of 5-7-5-7-7).

17 thoughts on “Looking Inside the Cookie

    1. We like to play that game where you add “in bed” to the end of the fortune. Sometimes we really are tickled – mostly we manage to suppress the giggles at least while we are at the restaurant!

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      1. We play that game too, Muri. “Psst. Pay for the bill (in bed).” Naughty, naughty. Did you think she was going to do all that kinky stuff for free? How about “Getting rewarded helps (in bed).” Yes, it sure does. If it didn’t, a lot fewer springs would be squeaking, right? Nice way to wrap up your Asian-themed blog, with a tanka. Well-played. 🙂


    1. We has a string of really boring ones and then all of a sudden they were funny again. I’m not sure but it seems they switched cookie makers. Now they’ve got ads and not so good fortunes… I intend to complain the next time I’m there.


  1. Ack! Out, out damned spot! Our favorite Chinese place, walking distance to our house, still has plain old fortunes inside the cookies. May they forever be plain! Shall we send you some?


    1. I had to do a double take since I didn’t remember writing about cookies… Thanks for going through the archives!! The ads persisted for awhile and then they went back to the real fortune cookies. I’m hoping it was a marketing ploy that failed! My last fortune was a good one “Keep your feet on the ground even though your friends flatter you.”


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