Looking Alert

I have the Amber Alert notification enabled on my phone. Usually they come in from far away locations – New York, California, even Florida. On August 29th my phone made lots of noise about an Amber Alert from Sturgis, MI (not so far away). The first alert was that 3 children were missing. Shortly after that the notification was that 3 children had been abducted. And within a half hour it was amended to say the 3 children were abducted and the suspect was armed and dangerous. The story has a happy ending. The children were recovered unharmed (at least physically) and the father of the youngest is in custody. Seems the mother had a restraining order. The father disregarded the piece of paper, assaulted the mother, kidnapped all 3 kids, and threatened to kill them and himself. The father is in custody. The children are reunited with their mother. Which leads me to ask why this happened.

I thought about it long and hard. It niggled at my brain and burrowed in my subconscious. I’ve determined that it comes down to conceitedness and an egocentric attitude. This man put his wants before that of any of the other people in the story. If he couldn’t have the ex girl friend then no one could! He took not only his child but 2 others. He treated them as if they were inanimate objects. It wasn’t about hurting them – it was that through them he hoped to manipulate their mother, cause her pain and ultimately punish her for leaving him. He thought about what she held most dear and then stole it. In this case it was her children. I suspect he will be spending a good long time in jail. I doubt (yet there is always hope) that he will be able to step outside his own wants and place that of others first.

18 thoughts on “Looking Alert

  1. The less connected we are to one another- in real emotional terms, the less we care. You and I were raised differently, placing others in a reasonably high place in the scheme of things. Those who were treated as an appendage, or a nuisance, when they were children, are going to return the favour.


  2. I disabled that feature on my phone after about a hundred cell phones started shrieking during a barbershop performance in a retirement home, for an Amber Alert on the east coast. I still get a text alert, just not the alarm. I saw the Sturgis alert, but hadn’t heard the outcome. Glad it had a happy ending.


      1. I think it goes to all areas where the suspected abductor has connections. There was one recently out of Detroit where the babysitter disappeared with the kids. The babysitter was originally from Benton Harbor and I live within twenty miles of Benton Harbor, so I got the (text) alert.


  3. Maybe there is a way to limit the radius, like, only those within a certain number of miles? The point of an alert is to have more ordinary citizens on the lookout. I can’t honestly say I’ve ever actively LOOKED for the vehicles mentioned in the amber alerts I’ve received. The facts of this case are regrettable, but common. Restraining orders are violated all the time. Children are often used like objects (post separation or divorce) to manipulate the other party. Sometimes the situation is different, a baby snatched by a person who can’t have kids, or a child lured in by a sexual predator. We should all pay more attention. I would want other people to get involved if it was my child. 🙂


    1. I’d be on the lookout if it was issued for anywhere close but living in Northern Indiana, there is little chance that the Amber Alert from California is pertinent to my neck of the woods (at least not in the 2 hours since it was issued)!

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  4. I’m glad this ending was happy, as far too many of them aren’t. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that he didn’t see the children as real people, just something he could use to hurt his ex with. That kind of self-absorption is so scary, and far too common!


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