Looking to Flower

Sparky and I went to Fernwood Botanic Gardens and Nature Preserve (here after referred to a Fernwood) to place some geocaches with saintvi and joyous wind. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out but the temperature stayed at a pleasant 72 degrees. There was a gentle breeze. We had had rain but the ground was not muddy. But most of all we enjoyed the company of friends as we trekked through the woods. Saintvi took photos of beautiful and strange fungi and there were lots of them due to the earlier flood this summer. I decided to take some photos of the wild flowers. Sure I could have snapped pictures in the manicured gardens but I decided to document the beauty growing along the trails.
This purple thing was weird and is a soapwort gentian. I’m not sure it is exactly pretty but it was very different.
This pretty flower is orange jewelweed. It was really difficult to get a photo because they were bobbing in the breeze!
I scrolled through the identification guide, did a search and just couldn’t figure what most of these were called. Anyway I enjoyed seeing the variety and snapping a few photos. If you know what they are called let me know – I’m always up for learning new things… On a related note, the big geocaching event is this Sunday at Fernwood. Sparky has to work so I will be going alone and meeting saintvi at Fernwood. This is going to be so fun!!

21 thoughts on “Looking to Flower

  1. I believe the soapwort opens more. Could be wrong. As for the jewel weed I am very familiar with it. I used to use it to heal poison ivy. If I recall that correctly. 🙂


  2. I’m so glad you had such a fun day. My 11 year old grand-daughter wants me to take her geocaching sometime. She has a list that someone at church gave her. All the places are in Winona Lake. I will try to take her soon. Have a good time at the event Sun. and Tell saintvi hi for me. Our church is having a big celebration Sun. because it’s the church’s 75th anniversary.


    1. I’ll say hi to saintvi for you! I hope your grand-daughter gets to geocache soon – before the nasty weather comes in. There are lots of caches around Winona Lake as I recall. Have fun at the anniversary celebration!


  3. I’ve never been geocache-ing, had to look up what it meant. Sounds like fun, scavenger hunt a la GPS coordinates. Your pics are beautiful, I love wildflowers. Our yard is full of ritzy cultivated flowers, but I enjoy walking in the woods behind our neighborhood, full of morning glories and Queen Anne’s lace. 🙂


  4. I also love to include the trails in my botanical garden visits, and for the same reason. It is a good thing for a spouse to venture forth, every so often, and bring back experiences that can only enrich a marriage.


    1. Hehe! I take full credit for all the flowers pictured! (not really – I just took the pictures…) It is amazing the variety found in God’s creation if we slow down enough to see and appreciate it.


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