Looking at the Demolition

I started talking about redoing the bathroom close to 4 years ago. Last year we got quotes from several places. The lowest price was just shy of $10,000! It is a tiny bathroom by most standards. It is small and utilitarian – not a space for entertaining. At Christmas Sparky’s parents had their bathroom remodeled by “Derrick” and it only cost them $1,800.00! What a bargain! So we called Derrick for an estimate. He obliged. It would cost ~$3000.00 and we said yes. The catch was that we needed to purchase the supplies. So we set to buying all the items we figured we would need. We contacted Derrick to let him know we were ready. That was late January. Sparky called every week through February and left phone messages. He never returned the calls. We persisted and after May came and went we finally threw in the towel. I had a bunch of stuff in the guest room gathering dust with no hope of moving it into the bathroom. At the end of July Sparky and I went to a garage sale in the little neighborhood adjacent to ours. The home owner was selling lots of tools and we chatted. She explained that her father did remodeling work with her brother but they had too many tools and were getting rid of a lot of the older ones. Within minutes Sparky was examining the remodel of her bathroom and then got to see the bathroom he did in the house across the street. We left with a business card and phone number. We got the quote of $2800. We sealed the deal and within a week we had a start date. The demolition was on Saturday Aug. 25th. It was loud and messy and glorious! At long last the main bathroom is being remodeled.
They ripped out the bulkhead and ceiling over the tub then decided to remove all the ceiling drywall because it would be easier than trying to seam and match the texture.  The tub and shower were on giant piece that had been installed during the original construction. The only way to get it out was to saw it into 6 pieces. This picture shows the partial tub remaining and a chunk of the tub being dragged out the door.
The medicine cabinet was not over the sink but to the side making it difficult to open. We opted to remove it completely. This shows the wall paper that was up when we moved in. The bathroom was originally light blue but the previous owners had a thing for wallpaper and nearly every room was wallpapered. The only exception was the garage!
This was the tub drain. Note that the pipe has threads on the end. It is supposed to be screwed into the tub drain. It wasn’t. The mystery of the leak in the kitchen ceiling has now been solved and most importantly corrected!
This last photo is the old toilet. It was still in great condition so we are keeping it. It is sitting in the garage awaiting a re-homing to Son#1 and #2’s house to replace their ancient and rather grody toilet.

First they took out the vanity, then the toilet. Next they had to saw the bathtub into 6 sections to get it out. I had to remove all my clothes from the closet so they could access the attic (to move insulation). Then they pulled the ceiling down and ripped the dry wall off the studs in the shower area. The medicine cabinet was ripped out of the wall. They inspected for insects, mold, water damage, leaks, etc. They made a giant opening from the attic to the rest of the house. They took the door off the bathroom leaving the house exposed to the attic. Fortunately there weren’t any bats that decided to come visit and explore!
These are the photos of the destruction/demolition of the bathroom. I wanted to get a before photo but these guys (Nolan, his dad Nate, and nephew Nick) were fast! They didn’t use a sledge hammer but instead did make use of a regular claw hammer (see the holes in the ceiling in the 2nd photo).

I will update as progress is made. So far I still have all my clothes in a giant pile in the computer room and hope I can move them back very soon… It is making my OCD act up a tad.