Looking at Tinted Windows

Slowly rolls the big black Escalade
Watching the summer shorts on parade
Dark tinted windows hide whose inside
Stopping to call them over curbside

He picked a cautious and wary group
His nefarious plans become moot
Techno girls with cameras steady
Snap likeness and license already

One dials the police another her dad
Reports the man in the car unclad
Keeping their distance they raise a fuss
Tables turned he loses his smugness

At once the girls flip him off en masse
Tires squealing his foot hits the gas
There’s no escape from the cops today
One more pervert they’ll lock away

It has been awhile since the last time there was a report of a suspicious vehicle attempting to lure children up to or into a car. It always seems to happen in the summer. Except for this time. October has been a bit chilly but we had a couple warm days. I suppose I’m as guilty as the next person because I put on my light weight top and my capri pants and sandals one last time. According to the NextDoor neighborhood network (an annoying social media site that my neighborhood is part of and I got suckered into subscribing to and can’t get out of), some middle school girls were walking home from school when a big SUV rolled up and started following them. They stayed together (safety in numbers) and when he rolled down the tinted window all 5 of them started taking photos – of him and his car and his license plate. One called the police and described the guy. Lucky for the girls, our police department is responsive and happened to have a neighborhood patrol not more than a block away. They were there in a flash. Literally. The suspect didn’t have time to get his pants up and zipped before the officer was ordering him to exit the car with his hands up. I’m guessing the girls had moved up the block by that time!

25 thoughts on “Looking at Tinted Windows

  1. I’m glad the girls had the sense that they did, and that the police were nearby! Maybe because the LA area is so large, we seem to hear tales like this almost weekly — and they don’t all have happy endings.


  2. Good for them! For all the brashness and sassiness of today’s kids, they know how to defend themselves, by and large. I like how they roll! This is also one more confirmation of Mishawaka’s PD and its skill level.


    1. I like our police force – they are vigilant and usually very quick to respond. A lot of the credit goes to the girls – they had the presence of mind to stay together and call immediately for help. Because there aren’t school buses (the kids ride city buses or walk), most parents are proactive in teaching the kids to be cautious!

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    1. As I mentioned to Gary, our city doesn’t have school buses. Most of the kids walk or ride the city bus. The school and parents re really good about making sure the kids (especially the girls) are taught the dangers and how to respond!

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  3. The #me too movement has emboldened all of us to recognize inappropriate behavior and speak up about it. I love that these girls were not ashamed or embarrassed, but felt confident that they were not at fault and would be taken seriously. BTW, that was a pretty clever poem too.


  4. I love how you’ve made this current event into a poem, great rhymes, both a cautionary tale and a triumph for street smart girls and technology. I chuckled about the police being “there in a flash”–nice double entendre, Muri. 🙂


    1. Hehe! Yeah, I amuse myself. Mostly I write my posts for my own entertainment. I sometimes get inspired by the news (when I bother to dip into the negativity of this world – I have more than enough in my personal life to provide blog material)!

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