Looking Above the Clouds

Looking at the top sides of clouds
Soaring above the earthbound crowds
From the window only sky blue
I have an angel’s point of view

Not the first time I have traveled
Airplane nerves become unraveled
This perspective feels fresh and new
I have an angel’s point of view

Ignore the stomach butterflies
I focus on the endless skies
And trust the stratospheric crew
I have an angel’s point of view

Moisture laden clouds admire
Dazzling sunset climbing higher
Celestial sunbeams breaking through
I have an angel’s point of view

Yes, I had a window seat. Although take off is always spectacular and the landing has its own special thrills, it is the cruising above the clouds that makes my heart happy. It never gets old. Seeing clouds from the top is awesome! There was a small patch of stormy weather that we flew over. From the top the sky was a clear blue and the clouds were a dark juxtaposition. The sun made the top of the clouds a bright “bleached white’ but the bottoms were an ominous slate grey! There were a few spots where it appeared the sun had punched holes in the cloud cover releasing powerful beams of light into the rain darkened land below. The poem above is a Kyrielle. A Kyrielle is defined as a French form of rhyming poetry written in quatrains (a stanza consisting of 4 lines), and each quatrain contains a repeating line or phrase as a refrain (usually appearing as the last line of each stanza). Each line within the poem consists of only eight syllables. I know it sounds daunting but it will flow after you step back to see the overall effect!

30 thoughts on “Looking Above the Clouds

        1. We used to have a dog – Ranger (though his registered name was Ranger Bugeater Roo). I enjoy the photos of your pups – it satisfies my need for dog photos. I am postponing adoption of another canine until I retire~


  1. I love to look out the window when I’m flying. Unfortunately since I’m now older, I have to get up to pee often, so try to choose a window seat. Very sad,


  2. Another thought……the few times I have mistakenly picked a seat that was over the wing, or that was positioned so a window was not nearby, I was very disappointed. I felt the same as I did the time I was a little girl and got on a horse on the merry go round that didn’t go up and down.


    1. I hear you on that front! I had a wing seat once and it was boring. I just wish the magazines were replaced more often – all the crosswords were completed in all the magazines on the way there and back!


  3. Kyrielle is an exacting form, and you’ve nailed it here. Being up above the clouds is magnificent. I love how your raw nerves are soothed by the endless blue sky, sunset, and “celestial sunbeams.” Your repeated line “I have an angel’s point of view” is apt, clever, and a calming mantra. I wrote a Kyrielle for a Winter Solstice poetry reading, and later ran it on my blog: https://justjoan42.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel/. Glad you’re back, Muri. 🙂


    1. I visited and your December poem is wonderful! Thank-you for the high praise! I do enjoy playing with words and the kyrielle is one that works the brain (need to keep the body AND the mind in good condition)!

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    1. The sight is amazing. I often marvel at the advances that have been made since my mother was a child and my grandmother as well! We’ve been to the moon! And now computers, self driving cars, cell phones – it is science fiction come to life… I’m happy you enjoyed the poetry and I hope you get to experience the view from above the clouds again.


        1. I read the translation and it was a wonderful poem – I’m sure it is even better in French! It is times like this that I bemoan the fact that I never learned a language well enough to be able to enjoy poetry…


  4. I’m the same way….flying through the air, looking down on the clouds (and even flying through them) never fails to fill me with awe. I am so grateful that I have the chance to do that!


    1. And to think in the larger scheme of things it was not something my great grandmother even imagined as a child but she lived a long time and was able to see not only the realization of flight but also a man in space! She went from the reality of an outhouse to the luxury of flush toilets, and from horse and buggy to automobile! In my lifetime I’ve seen TV turn colorful, computers become a reality and then go from behemoth machines to hand held devices! Phones from rotary dial to push buttons and then portable cell phones the size of a shoebox to so small they fit in your pocket! But in the midst of all that it is the mystery and variety of nature that enthralls us!!


  5. Love this!!! You truly are a master poetess my dear daughter!!! This sweet poem definitely has to be in your collection when you do your book. I would like to share it, but I’m afraid someone might steal it and take credit for it … so I won’t. But it has to be in your book, honey. I really do mean that!


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