Looking Under Water

One of the highlights of my trip to Baltimore was going to the Baltimore Aquarium. This was an after hours event just for the attendees of the conference. I have to tell you that of all the aquariums I’ve visited (and I’ve gone to plenty of them), Baltimore’s was very well done. It isn’t the largest and it doesn’t have the widest variety of animals but they have one of the very best in terms of visual display, education, and layout. I was impressed.
The saltwater area has some stunning anemones. These are the pink/salmon color ones (with a couple white ones in the mix). I wanted to include a photo of some of the others but the angle resulted in mostly a reflection of me instead of the contents of the water. I’m also fascinated with brain coral. I’ve done a couple ceramic orbs to mimic brain coral but they pale in comparison to the real thing. In the last photo above you can see the tiny corals that look like fluff on the branches. I wish I could have gotten a close up. They were so delicate!

I have no idea about the names of these fish. Really. Fish are not my deal however I couldn’t help but be attracted to these fish. The first one was a lovely blue and yellow with a bright blue mustache that reminded me of Salvadore Dali. The second was a beautiful white fish that had dorsal and ventral fins that extended the length of its body and undulated like a ruffle. I was mesmerized. The last one was such a vivid yellow – the photo does not do it justice.

The stingray is a very poisonous fresh water ray found in South America. I think it is called a Potamotrygon henlei or Bigtooth River Stingray or Tocantins River ray. Either way it is beautiful. The last two photos are of fresh water turtles. I really liked the nose on the one in the middle. It made me laugh.

23 thoughts on “Looking Under Water

    1. There are so many really wonderful aquariums. The one in Chattanooga, TN is really nice as is the one in Atlanta, GA. Closer to home is the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago – they have Beluga whales and river otters. Both of those exhibits are real crowd pleasers.

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    1. Ah! I should have known you would have visited! I think we both like the same type of attractions. I’m hoping to someday be a grandmother so that I can roam the Children’s museums without feeling weird…


    1. I got in free so that wasn’t a factor. I know some are quite pricey. We belong to a Botanical Garden and they have reciprocity with a lot of other places – some of them give a discount and others let you in for free!


  1. While not as entertaining as the mating sea otters we saw in Seattle (we pretty much had the window to ourselves as flustered parents hurried their children on to the next tank), your photos are still lovely.


    1. Haha! I’m sure it was entertaining. We went to lots of zoos when the boys were young – mating tapirs do a lot of screaming (that was a fun explanation) and then the mating Beluga whales (hehe they have very long, um, parts) which required us to physically drag the boys away as they peppered us with questions! I think I was trying to answer the questions and at the same time get them to use “inside voices”!! Glad you liked the photos. They pale in comparison to the actual experience.


  2. I haven’t been to an aquarium for years. My dad took us often when my brother and I were young. The anemones should be called sea flowers. What is the next picture? Is that brain coral?


    1. Indeed it is brain coral! I love brain coral. Maybe this summer you could make a trek to Chicago with all the grand kids and visit the Shedd Aquarium. I bet everyone would have a good time!


  3. “The first one was a lovely blue and yellow with a bright blue mustache that reminded me of Salvadore Dali.” What an imaginative and apt comparison! The turtle nose made me laugh, too. He looks like Miss Piggy. Great pics, Muri. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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