Looking at Tiles

We are remodeling the boys’ bathroom as a Christmas gift. They bought a house 5 years ago and it doesn’t have a shower. Son#2 really liked the house and son#1 went along with the decision even though he wanted a bathroom with a shower. Well, here we are 5 years later and we are about to make the shower a reality. Son#1 is giddy with excitement. We went shopping and he bought the toilet. Not just any toilet, no this is the American Standard toilet that is advertised as being able to flush a bucket of golf balls. I have it on good authority that this quality is a necessity at their house. He also selected the vanity and sink. Then it was time to choose tile. He looked at a ton of different tile – at Menards, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and the Tile Warehouse. We finally came up with a pattern of white tile with 2 stripes of a dusty blue subway tile. Between the stripes of blue tiles will be a single row of 2″x 2″ patterned tiles. The big problem is the bathroom window. It needs to be removed and replaced with frosted glass bricks. The problem is that the window is a little low and a bit too wide to provide the kind of privacy required. I was thinking we should remove the window altogether and just tile over it on the inside. The contractors don’t agree, son#2 doesn’t agree and Sparky doesn’t like it either… So we are now weighing our options. So far son#1 suggested we put glass bricks in place of the window but cover the bottom half with tile (just like the rest of the shower). Son#2 suggested installing some sort of water resistant shutters over the window (which I am adamantly opposed to on the basis that it will be hellish hard to keep clean and mildew/ mold free). Sparky suggested getting some sort of paint and just painting the bricks. That might work but it can’t be just any paint. The regular enamel paint will scratch off and besides it will look trashy. My thought is to paint the bricks with stained glass paint to match the geometric pattern of the accent tiles. So the whole demolition starts Saturday. The boys will be showering at our house for a week. The contractors want to get the floor in ASAP and install the toilet so the boys will have a functional toilet by Sunday. It is an ambitious plan. We just need to buy the glass bricks, paint for the walls and the flooring!

20 thoughts on “Looking at Tiles

    1. Hehe! I think of it as an investment. If they can sell the house for a lot more than we put into it plus what they owe then we are all winners. And in the interim they get to enjoy showers!


    1. It is a needed project. We fixed the kitchen floor by replacing the linoleum/carpet combo with laminate flooring. Now the bathroom, next the will be new windows… Of course we won’t be funding all the projects.


  1. Are the same people doing it that did your bathroom? It should turn out lovely. The American Standard Champion 4 lives up to its claims–we have one. Is the window needed for ventilation? I think building code requires either a window or an exhaust fan. Maybe you could use “wavy” glass bricks, which let in light but obscure the view enough to provide a modicum of privacy. Or a regular window with a “stained glass” window cling that coordinates with the design? Merry Christmas to the boys and their very generous Mr and Mrs Santas. 🙂


    1. Yes, the same guys that just finished our bathroom are doing their remodel. I’m glad to know the toilet was the right choice! The glass bricks are wavy and frosted but they still allow a little too much visually. I’m trying to find glass bricks in a dark nearly opaque cobalt blue. There have to be some somewhere that wouldn’t cost $5000! We are only paying for the labor, they are paying for the materials… It will be a very merry Christmas!

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  2. Hm… I may need you to come up with a plan for my upstairs bathroom. And the name and number of your contractor. I don’t need a new toilet or bathtub, just walls, vanity, floor, and maybe some sort of storage.


    1. I can get you their info. They are really nice guys and reasonable considering the other estimates! You’ll have to come see both bathrooms as soon as they are done! We may be having them work on the master bath over the Christmas holiday – if I can figure out the tile/shower that I want and the type of vanity…


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