Looking to Enter

Every year I enter the student/faculty art show at the museum. A long time ago you could enter 2 pieces, now you are restricted to one (1) piece. I’ve decided to circumvent the restrictions by entering an “installation piece”. I have been hemming and hawing over the title. The group is three orbs. Of course they are all coccoliths thus from the sea. I had to have it at the museum by 4:00 PM last Saturday.  I selected the following titles:
Three Kelpies
The Melusine Sisters
Sisters of the Undine
Nereid, Limnad, Naiad
I really wrestled with the choice. I took input from Sparky, coworkers, friends, and also from my fashion consultant. I decided on The Melusine Sisters.

This is the group that I’m entering…

Cross your fingers that I “win” something this year!!

27 thoughts on “Looking to Enter

    1. Exactly. An installation is a set or series of pieces which are generally assembled (installed) on site. In this case the site is the Art Museum gallery and the pieces are self contained orbs. The unifying theme is that they are from the sea… or that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. There’s one in the group that my artist friend insisted I include even though it isn’t a coccolith (the judges will never know). Can you guess which one?

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      1. I’d guess it’s the upper right hand one. It’s different from the others to the extent that I noticed the differences when I first viewed the photo. But then the bottom one has some differences too that are quite striking (it looks almost like some of your others turned inside out)! I still think it’s the top right!


      2. That’s funny that, for all your cocoliths I’ve seen, I picked the wrong one as real. I guess it says that you did an excellent job of blending the elements into an imaginary cocolith! The three together are magnificent, and the judges won’t know that one doesn’t quite fit! I hope you win!


      1. Thanks, Muri. Your ceramics are just like those poems–tiny, each one beautiful in its own right, but these play off each other to make a fantastic trio. I hope you win. You are multi-talented, Muri, an artist in the 2D and 3D realms. 🙂


  1. I like things that come in threes! I thought it was the top right one also that was different. But even three sisters don’t always look just alike! I’m an expert on that one! All in all I’ll give you the top prize for just persistence in entering with expectations of winning too because that’s important! You have a lot of confidence and persistence and I admire that in you so I will give you the top prize. And I would do that even if I were not your mother. Such intricate designs take so much skill and you demonstrate that with each one of these “three sisters of the sea.” That is what I would’ve named this set by the way.


    1. Ha! That is basically what it is named the melusine are water nymphs or mermaids thus sisters of the water/sea… I’m not going to pass up a free entry into the show – I don’t have to pay to enter which makes this an attractive venue. The opening is December 7th so I won’t know if I’m the big winner until then.


    1. Thanks Michel! I still post pictures of my coccoliths on WordPress. I have tried to span the different varieties in the different oceans. I still have many more to complete~


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