Looking at the Horizon

I find that I spend so much time looking at the minutia of life that I forget to look up and scan the horizon. This is a life long problem. I’m near sighted visually and to a lesser extent spiritually. I’m very comfortable in my present situation. I’ve held the idea that no matter how bad things get, they will eventually get better – the pendulum swings. I’m not a quitter and I’m not a coward. I have toughed things out for many years at work. And now I’m re-evaluating my options. I look at where I’ve been and I’m focusing on the horizon. It is hard to see the future clearly. I can’t make out the changes that are just over the rise of the road. I feel undecided and uncertain, like a hitchhiker on the move without a set destination. It is a restlessness to move on, to crest the hill and discover what I’ve missed.

Where do you want to go he asked
Anywhere but here would be good
I was running from my recent past
Over river, valley, and wood

With a gruff voice and steely eyes
Where do you want to go he asked
Mute I stood under darkened skies
Deciding where I answered fast

Looking at the night sky so vast
Take me to any far off star
Where do you want to go he asked
My shaking voice answered “East Barre”

He frowned as I got in the car
That’s not a town I’m going past
Then take me to the moon afar
Where do you want to go he asked

30 thoughts on “Looking at the Horizon

  1. A quatern on steroids!!! You’ve even made it rhyme. Go, Muri! I’m intrigued by how the voice inside asking you where you want to go is a “he.” We always seem to be running, and in haste, sometimes jump too quickly from the frying pan into the fire. Muse on your destination a while, choose it from the heart, and don’t look back. 🙂


    1. I’m looking at the possibilities. And I hope to have a clearer picture after Christmas. I’m glad my quatern impressed. I do try to challenge myself (it keeps the brain supple). As for the gender of the voice – it changes as poetry demands. I thought the use of the masculine would interject an element of danger to the question.

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    1. I was not familiar with the writings of François-René de Chateaubriand but having looked him up I think I have read excerpts in a religious history class of his “Genius of Christianity”…


  2. Let me know where you go…I am sure where ever it is…you will bloom and grow….and make the corner of your world glow with beauty and grace my sweet daughter.


    1. Some folks have their life’s course revealed to them in a flash of recognition where others cast about like a hound trying to find a scent…Currently I’m nose to the ground searching for a clue and a direction…

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