Looking at Laundry

I spent last weekend doing laundry. If truth be told I spend lots of weekends doing load after load of dirty clothes. Laundry is not may favorite activity. I’d still rather do the wash than dust but that’s another blog post. When the boys were home, I’d have at least 7 loads per week. They’ve been out of the house for 4 going on 5 years and I still have too many loads of laundry waiting for me. I think there must be some curse placed on my laundry room. Sparky produces an inordinate amount of clothes that require processing. He has his daily workout clothes which includes shorts, shirt, underwear and socks, and a towel. Then he has 2 jobs – one requires a dress shirt and slacks (dress socks required), the other is a jeans/cargo pants and flannel shirt kind of place. He is making up for the boys moving out! To top it off my washer and dryer are eating my socks. I have a drawer where I toss the odd socks. It used to be that one would get left behind in the washer and would show up with the next load. I’d pair up the socks in the drawer and all would be right with my world. As of this weekend I have 7 black socks (none of which is a mate to any of the others) and 2 white socks.

I imagine that God
To do laundry
So satisfying to get
A stubborn spot out
Everything white
Looking like new
Jesus is the new improved
Gets even the most
Soiled souls sparkly
If only he could
With the missing socks

28 thoughts on “Looking at Laundry

        1. There are many things about living in the city/suburbia that is not really conducive to energy savings/ecological stewardship. The rules prohibit composting and rain barrels as well. My next habitation should permit everything from a clothes line to a rain barrel!


    1. My husband used to use plastic sock connectors to pair up his dress socks since they were so hard to pair. He slowly lost them until one day they were gone… then the socks stared to disappear!!


  1. I’m sure you’ve seen the FB sign that says socks go missing, and come back as Tupperware lids that don’t fit any containers. At least we don’t have to use wringer washers anymore.


    1. You are not alone. I’ve heard some people say that the disappearance happens when the water level is too high and they slip over the edge of the washer drum, others say that they get wet and slip down the drain. I don’t buy either explanation. My washer is a front loader and the drum is sealed so that can’t happen. The drain is beneath the drum and the water drains from lots of small holes that would never accommodate a sock. I’m going with aliens grabbing them from a parallel dimension through some rip in the space time continuum.

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      1. They’re usually in the corner of your fitted sheets or under the bed where they fell out of the fitted sheet. We just got a new bed and found two socks (not a pair) underneath the old one.


        1. I’ve looked there and we change the sheets often. My husband did find one stuck in his polyester gym shorts – Seems that even with a fabric sheet they static cling to everything!


  2. Between me and hubby, I do about 4 loads of laundry a week: sheets, towels, clothing divided into lightweight stuff (t-shirts, undies) and heavyweight stuff (sweats, socks). I rarely lose socks. To solve the sock dilemma, one simplicity book recommends buying 7 identical pairs of socks and 2 lingerie bags. Hang both bags in your closet or set them side-by-side in a drawer. Fill one with clean socks. Each morning, pull out two and put them on. At night, take them off and stuff them in the other bag (the dirty sock bag). When all the clean socks are gone, zip the dirty sock bag shut and toss it in the washer and dryer. No need to mate the socks since they are all the same. The dirty sock bag becomes the clean sock bag and the clean sock bag is now ready to collect dirty socks. Voila! Is your poem a form I don’t know, or free verse? It reminded me of a prose piece I wrote about a older townsman we were friendly with–Joe owned the dry cleaners for fifty years and attended our church. When he passed away, I wrote an essay about him that concluded with “Up in a heaven of perpetually dazzling white garments, I wonder if Joe misses the thrill of getting out stubborn spots and stains, and what he does with all his free time.” šŸ™‚


    1. I have a similar system with my husband’s socks. I pair them but I don’t have to match them as they are all alike… except for the dress socks. They require matching. The poem stared as rhyming couplets but I rearranged it after running into difficulties. The editing took a radical turn and I wrote it as a performance piece based on how it sounded when read out loud, thus the odd line breaks with a slight emphasis on the single word lines.

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    1. I made an agreement with Sparky when we got married – I would do laundry (which he hates to do) and he would do all the yard work (not my favorite chore). I think I got the short end of that deal. I do laundry weekly but he only mows May – October….


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