Looking My Best ( In Show)

Last Friday was the opening for the Student/Faculty Art Show. I had spent the day visiting a friend’s class to discuss different animal identification techniques. It was a full day and I was tired. When I got home I was cold. I considered putting on my cozy Star Wars BB8 pajamas and skipping the opening. Saintvi was feeling sub par due to her reaction to her shingles vaccination and wouldn’t be joining me. My husband, Sparky, had to work until 6:00 PM and I almost texted him to say he should just come home as I was going to skip the opening. But I decided not to ditch the opening hoopla. I instead put on a warmer dress and bundled up and made it to the museum at a little after 5:00 PM. I hung around the rotunda having a cookie and voting on the best gingerbread house while I waited for Sparky. (Sparky ended up voting for Candy Land and I’ll just let you guess which one got my vote!)


He contacted me and I told him I’d meet him in the gallery. As I walked into the exhibit, I enjoyed some spectacular paintings.
The watercolor of the birch trees was very good. I especially liked the flowers in the vase done in watercolor and pastels. The glare of the lights on the glass created a reflection but the background for the painting was just as good as the painting. A lot of people thought it was from the photography studio instead of a painting!

This one represented 10 seasonal paintings done of the same landscape from the same perspective (December – February doesn’t change much…). I thought it was good enough to make Best in Show. Besides it was big!

And of course some art that made me scratch my head.
The above piece was titled “Arcane Handjob”. I was not impressed. Especially since it was an instructor’s entry.

I threaded my way through the different displays and noticed some work by classmates.
These tiles are very well done. It is difficult to do tiles with a pressed surface. You can’t mess with them or you deform and blur your details – a very high technical difficulty score from me on this one! The Beauty and the Beast rose under glass was very complicated. She had to take crushed stained glass and fill the areas before sending it through the glaze kiln… It may look a little juvenile but it was a gift for a child’s room and very hard to do especially in porcelain!
The pierced form is spectacular and really made mine look heavy and clunky! The metallic bowl is very pretty and the glaze is a difficult and expensive one to make. It turned out fantastic (makes me wonder if human sacrifice to the kiln gods was involved – my glazes never turn out that good).

Then I spotted mine. And I nearly fainted!!

I don’t know if you can read the place card but it reads Melusine Sisters, 2018 BEST IN SHOW! I was a little taken aback! I mean, the best in show almost always goes to a painting and there were several outstanding pieces. I could hardly believe it! I read the juror’s statement and she teaches art at St. Mary’s College. She was looking for technical difficulty and originality with a sense of taking a chance on your art. Wow. I didn’t have a chance to post anything because by the time I’d accepted my award, and posed for the required photo, Sparky had already written TWO Facebook posts. So I’ve got a $100 gift card to spend and a nice letter from the museum. If this is a precursor for the rest of the month I think I’m going to have a great December!!

26 thoughts on “Looking My Best ( In Show)

    1. I wish you could have been there too! It was such a shocker! So far it is turning out fabulous! I won Best in Show, have aced the inspection (only 2 little things to correct & those will be done tomorrow), and have scheduled lots of training without conflicts! Now if I can get everything packed for vacation I will be able to relax!


  1. What a superb show and wide range of talents! I was over the moon to see the Melusine Sisters won Best in Show!!! Congratulations, Muri, I’m so proud of you! I knew from the moment I laid eyes on your coccoliths they were something special. Enjoy your prize. Which gingerbread scene did you pick, by the way? I like all of them, but the little blue police box would have gotten my vote… it’s adorable. 🙂


    1. Hehe! I’m a Whovian. So it was a no brainer as to which one got my vote… Thanks for the compliment. I struggled to pick a title and before that to select the piece(s) to enter. I guess I chose correctly. I’m thrilled of course but the best part is that so many have enjoyed this art. For the longest time I thought I had a narrow appeal – seems I was mistaken!!

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    1. I teach Comparative Medicine and Surgery – I’m the lab TA but the instructor of record just presents the powerpoints I put together for him and I do all the hands on teaching…

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      1. The graduate assistant usually does this work and the instructor of record does their own ppt and puts together the lessons. The GA usually helps grade and takes attendance. Do you have a PhD?


        1. No PhD here. I’m not a graduate student not a post-doc. Just a lowly professional specialist. I was a co-instructor when the curriculum was developed and put together all the hands-on lab portions. Later I put together the power points and revised them since the initial DVM left the university… (and no there is no additional $$ for all the work since the boss made it a point to add it to my position description)

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          1. Oh, too bad. Yes, if you do not have a PhD and a MA or whatever is required for a “professional specialist” you do get short changed. Jobs disappear if there is full time faculty or you can be bumped for those with a PhD. I also do my own PPT for an author presentation.


            1. I’m not afraid of being “bumped” since the PhDs don’t have the mad skillz I possess as a veterinary nurse. So they are not the best persons to train others in animal manipulations…

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                1. I do work in research and I do work with people. I train people to perform biomedical procedures, I collaborate in research studies, I teach classes. Then in my spare time I am a guest lecturer in schools and for different organizations to promote veterinary nursing, I am a ceramic artist, and I write (I’ve co-authored one book and illustrated 2)… I stay very busy!

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