Looking at the Stadium

The big news around here is the 12 – 0 season that the Fighting Irish football team completed with a national ranking of #3. There is a hushed whisper that “this could be the year”. With all the superstition that sports engenders I’m not going to complete that sentence. Our friends are die-hard fans and were practically frothing at the mouth to find out the pairings for the College Football National Championship Playoff games. Notre Dame will play Clemson. There is joy (and it isn’t just the usual Christmas cheer). People are smiling more. Spontaneous conversations occur. Wearing Notre Dame attire results in thumbs up signs, a slap on the back and even a handshake with the comment that the team is looking great.

With that spirit in mind we decided (Actually Sparky decided and I am a good sport so I went along with the plan) to take our Christmas Card photo on campus with the Stadium in the background. We are outside the Leahy gate standing in ankle deep snow. You can’t tell from the photo but we are freezing cold and the wind was whipping. Still we were able to muster smiles just thinking about the possibility of a wonderful post season win…

A Merry Christmas to all my WP readers and all the former Xangans out there! I hope the New Year brings you Joy in abundance and Peace overflowing!

15 thoughts on “Looking at the Stadium

  1. Great photo, you both look happy and warm (inside). I don’t follow sports, and would never stand in the freezing cold out of team spirit, but if that’s your thing, go for it. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Muri, and safe travels. 🙂


    1. Thanks Joan! We are standing just outside my work place… I’m not a big sports fan but in keeping with the banner year for the football team we decided the photo was appropriate. The card we sent to family was taken from the other direction showing the library with the Jesus mural in the background…
      Have a blessed and joyful Christmas!!

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