Looking for my Sanity

I stand with the door open
Scan the interior
Sigh and close the refrigerator
In defeat I slump at the table
Review all the places I’ve looked
Under the beds
In the coat closet
The boot rack
The laundry basket
Checked the canister set
Inside the decorative teapot
Even dug through the junk drawer
For the life of me I can’t find
My sanity

I do not do well with disorder. I am anti-chaos. I like a schedule and an agenda. Perhaps some would look at me and deride me for may lack of spontaneity. That’s OK. I really don’t crave surprises. I’ve been having chaos dreams where I am required to make sense out of complete and total messes. The latest one involved bacon and a coat hanger. I was trying to drape raw bacon over the coat hanger in order to cook it and also store it. I have no idea how or why except I had a huge imperative to keep the bacon neatly draped on the hanger… Between the disaster at the boys’ house, the issues at work, and a very full calendar, I think I’ve lost my mind. If you see it wandering around please be gentle and shoo it home. I miss it.

28 thoughts on “Looking for my Sanity

  1. Your poem sounded remarkably similar to the search we do every few days for hubby’s wallet or car keys, so the “surprise” ending was fun, as well as the hilarious bacon-on-a-coat-hanger dream. The few dreams I remember were “hamster wheels” (where I run and get nowhere or climb endless stairs). I might have a few marbles you can borrow until your sanity comes home to roost. Hang in there, Muri. 🙂


    1. Thanks Joan! I have lots of marbles but they are rolling around on the floor and my marble bag seems to have a hole in it… I haven’t had the running dream in many years. I had the “can’t find the building and I’m going to be late for my final” reoccurring dream many times – just not lately, thank goodness!

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    1. Thanks! I get strange “stress” dreams too (bacon on a coat hanger!!). I’m hoping that the rest of this week goes without a hitch. However I will be crazy busy at work and at home…


  2. So much on one’s mind can surely lead to some chaotic dreams. I am sure your sanity is simply hanging with the bacon.


      1. 🙂 This left me smiling so hard this morning. I am sure you will know from the dark stains left along the way 🙂


    1. I’m pretty sure the basement/foundation issue will cause me a lot more stress dreams in the near future. *sigh* On the bright side, the insurance people are doing their thing fairly quickly. I’m waiting for someone to interpret the bacon dream and to tell me what it all means!

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      1. My therapist theorizes that dreams are just mis-connected synapses as the brain stores unrelated memories. I don’t know what he’d say about bacon hanging on coat hangers!


  3. If you find mine, I’ll try to find your brain. I’m technically insane. Last night I had a dream that my cat got out, Keiko, who is my pride and joy. I eventually found him. I’ve got a real thriller in my brain.


  4. LOL at your dream. I sure all the chaos that has gone on leads to the chaotic dreams. Your mind and heart realize how close your son came to being serious hurt or worse. I hope you are able to sleep soon w/out any bad dreams.


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