Looking at Foul Weather

No gentle kiss blown sweetly from your lips
Not the zephyr of spring awakening the bud
Nay, you are more fierce a breeze
Yes a howling wind demanding entrance
Yea, you pound on the door “Let Me In”
You push at the chimney and pull at the latch
Jealous that I hold onto summer in my soul
Determined that you will gust and blow
Removing not only summer but marrow from my bones

We are in the midst of Chillageddon according to saintvi. The wind chill is in the extreme range. I subscribe to a safety newsletter and they had dire warnings (with some gruesome photos) of cold weather injuries. They cautioned that 15 minutes was the maximum exposure time when the temperature reached -20 degrees F. When the wind chill gets to -50 your time outside should be less than 7 minutes to avoid frost bite. The moisture on your eyeballs will freeze at -60 causing damage to the eye (possibly permanent)! It has been cold last week and is thankfully warming up. Of course the definition of “warm” is relative… I’m not ready to put away any of my winter duds. In fact I pulled out the Cozy Spot hand warmers so Sparky and I can keep our mouse hands warm while working at the computer!

11 thoughts on “Looking at Foul Weather

    1. I just bought another LulaRoe dress, a carly?, with some matching crazy leggings that would look great with a pair of summer shoes languishing in the closet. I intend to wear it next week if it gets warm (above 45) again. I hope we do have an actual Spring this year…


  1. Reading that made me even colder than I already am! I’ve been putting my hands in my armpits to get them warm! But your poem is so very very descriptive it needs to go in the book. Did you read that correctly yes! In the book!


    1. A class mate in ceramics stated that she had never lived anywhere that had such “bipolar” weather as Northern Indiana. It is getting worse. Today it was 36 and tomorrow the high is 14…


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