Looking in the Shrubs

Last week we had a day of freezing rain. It came down in the early morning before the sun had come up. There was still ice falling from the sky in waves of freezing rain or little ice pellets when I had to leave for work. The driveway is slanted but not steeply – just enough for little kids on tricycles to be able to coast down with feet off the pedals and gain a touch of speed. I backed out of the garage and had a moment of free fall as the car slid off the driveway. I didn’t have an accident. It was more like momentum carried me into the street like a boy on a tricycle. I managed to get to work without any death, dying or destruction to me or fellow motorists (not that the man in the lifted pick-up truck didn’t try – but that’s another story). The walk from the parking lot was treacherous. I had made the poor choice of wearing my favorite booties (2.5″ heels that zip up the back). I skated into the building. But not before I took a few photos. Like so many things in life we can look and not see. We can focus on the beauty or the inconvenience. That day I decided that I wanted to capture and hold onto the wonder and let go of the anxious feelings left over from the drive…


38 thoughts on “Looking in the Shrubs

  1. And you think mountain biking is dangerous?!?! What a hair-raising adventure your commute is! I would have left the car on the street where it came to rest at the end of the driveway, and curled up with a good book until spring.


    1. Nah. It wasn’t that bad… at least compared to our normal weather. Now those folks in Atlanta who freak out after a frost, well they’d all be hospitalized for heart attacks…


        1. Oh no! I really would like to have my daffodils bloom this year! A couple of years ago we had warm weather early followed by snow. All the fruit trees got nipped in the bud resulting in a disastrous crop (or lack there of)!!


                    1. Yes but we have something most others do not. 90000 lbs of weight loaded. 40000 unloaded. This helps compared to vehicles with light spots like the rear of a pick-up


                    2. Hehe! Yes that weight does give you extra traction however when there are high winds I always fear for the high profile vehicles and semi truck are in that group! There have been several that have been blown off the road and/or tipped! Be safe!


      1. I just read an article that indicated Cachuma is now at 61%, but the powers that be are cautious about saying the drought is over. They believe that, between all sources (Cachuma, desal, water stored elsewhere, recycling, etc.), there should be enough water to last through 2020 — they will re-evaluate later with regard to 2021!


  2. This, I can relate to. We get these kinds of days a few times a hear when nature adorns itself in glitter. Glad you made it safely into the office 🙂


    1. The worst part was trying to walk from the parking lot. The landscaping crews were out with their big brushes “polishing” the sidewalks. It is much easier to walk in snow than to slip slide on sheer ice!

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  3. We don’t get bone-chilling cold and mountains of snow here (not too often anyway), but we do get lots of ice. Temps hover at 30, 31, 32 F while precipitation changes form and coats every surface with danger. Folks assume clear-looking roads aren’t slick (wrong!) or they’re safe because their vehicle has 4WD or AWD (wrong again!) Glad you made it safely. For all its hazards, ice-glazed nature is beautiful; how nice that you were able to capture and appreciate it. I especially love the evergreen, like a vibrant beacon of hope in a dismal season. 🙂


    1. Ice is very dangerous. I’d rather drive on snowy roads than icy ones any day. I guess there is always a trade-off with winter – lots of snow or warmer with ice… I guess I’m just lucky to get to have both by turns!

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  4. “We can focus on the beauty or the inconvenience” – I admire your writing and way with words, but this one was just so perfect and magnificent. i will be taking time out in an inconvenient moment to be amazed.


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