Looking at Bubbles

I like bubble tea. Actually I love a good taro slush with boba. Living in the Midwest does not afford me with the opportunity to have a really good bubble tea until recently. Ever since Bobby went back to Cambodia and closed the Sweet Moon, there hasn’t been a bubble tea place in town. I’ve had to venture far and wide to find this delicious treat. There are several places in Atlanta, GA that are good. I found a place in San Antonio, TX. There is a shop in Chicago, IL that is really good (but much more expensive than even Atlanta). There is one place in Elkhart, IN that is delicious. Since Sparky doesn’t work in Elkhart any more we never have a reason to visit. However there is now a place at the mall! It is not as good as Sweet Moon was but it is still very tasty – the Icy Bar.
A friend got me a Bubble tea kit for Christmas. I’ve tried it out and it is good but it doesn’t have the taro flavor. Instead it has chai and green tea along with the tapioca boba. I tried it out after I got home from Florida (where my niece made taro bubble tea one evening that was delightful). I won’t go into the whole process (and it is a process). I did have to make tea. We used to have a tea ball. I can picture it in my mind. I can see it in the drawer. But it isn’t there anymore. I was very distraught because I rarely make tea (like once every 15 years) and when I have made tea I used a tea bag not loose tea! But the kit had loose tea! I went to 2 stores looking for a tea ball. I finally found one – sort of.


This little bunny was so cute that I couldn’t resist. The ears hook over the edge and the little bunny sort of has a relaxing soak in your cup! The only drawback is that the holes are so large that a fine tea sifts out and you get grit. I ended up having to pour the tea through my strainer to filter out the bits. I tried the black chai first because it smelled so good. The next time I make it I’m going to have ice and attempt a slush version… Still it was tasty.

21 thoughts on “Looking at Bubbles

  1. I’ve had really good bubble tea in Dallas while visiting my daughter. I tried to make it at home using different recipes. No luck. I did succeed in making tea eggs, but they were quite a chore so I haven’t tried that again. Did you know that tapioca comes from manioc, which is the staple food where we lived in Africa? We called it gozo and it is good once you get used to it. My kids loved it.


  2. Wonder where in San Antonio it is? Doubt in mall near me, probably downtown. First thing I thought looking at bunny, big holes. I have two tea balls and I best not lose them. lol


  3. The first (and last) time I had a bubble tea slush was in Seattle. Not really a fan. I tend to prefer caffeinated teas like Chai and Earl Grey over herbal ones. Your bunny tea ball is adorable. I have a utilitarian metal tea ball I bought ages ago. After reading this, “We used to have a tea ball. I can picture it in my mind. I can see it in the drawer. But it isn’t there anymore” I went to the kitchen to make sure, and there it was, nestled in with the demitasse spoons and corn holders and a few other small and rarely-used items. 🙂


    1. A really good bubble tea slush is a delight – a bad one is just meh. Glad your tea ball was still where you remember you last saw it! My goal tomorrow is to sort through all the kitchen drawers and sort things!

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    1. We did stop there once or maybe twice. It was good but so out of the way that it isn’t really a feasible destination just for bubble tea. It makes me sad that you can’t enjoy bubble tea.


    1. Ha! I bet the kids know what a taro slush is!! Taro is a root and it is generally purple so the slush is a beautiful lavender color. They use an industrial blender and make the ice slush and add the taro flavor and some sweetener and usually a dry milk or soy milk – blend it all up and pour it into a glass with boba in the bottom. Tastes like a purple smile.


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