Looking Closely

Let your hair down
Finger comb the tangles
Toss your head
Uncover your eyes
Look into my soul

Search for my heart
Sift through my memories
Pick apart the deceptions
Uncover the truth
See me as I am

It is the perpetual dilemma – to be seen and to hide. We want to selectively reveal to the world those parts of us that we think will be acceptable, pleasant, popular. And in turn conceal anything we are ashamed of or believe will merit derision, ridicule, or ostracization. On a personal level we crave a connection and in the same breath are so afraid that we are reluctant to expose our inner most feelings to anyone else. We are fragile and easily hurt. Love of course can give us the courage to open our hearts and allow another to see and touch the delicate soul.

19 thoughts on “Looking Closely

  1. And then there’s the issue of sharing what we find likable about ourselves and then learning that others don’t necessarily appreciate that quality in the same light. It’s a tricky business loving oneself and being loved by others, when both are so essential.
    For the record: I like what you share!


    1. Thanks Judy! I enjoy hearing other perspectives on my posts… it broadens my horizons! Acceptance and rejection are difficult to navigate as teens and funny how it doesn’t get much easier as we get older.


  2. Being who we are is an act of courage, and an invitation to others to be who they are. At the heart of connection is vulnerability. I enjoyed your poem. At first, I thought it was an entreaty to a lover. The second time through, it felt more like looking in a mirror, trying to find the self. 🙂


    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment! As I get older I find it easier to be my most authentic self – I’m not so concerned with impressing anyone so I have accepted myself. That is the first step in being able to accept others.

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