Looking Better

I was a little over due (insurance issues) but finally managed to go to the eye doctor on January 29th. As you might have noticed from the very few photos I’ve posted of myself (I’m not of the “selfie” generation), I have a small face. This creates problems when selecting eye wear. Not only do I have a small face but the distance between my pupils is narrow.

These are my old frames. They were “Tween” glasses and they only worked because the shafts were able to be cut and adjusted so they stayed on. They are a dark bronze metallic half frame. Nothing exciting. Very conservative.
This means that most adult frames are not going to work for me. It is always a trial. I have to select frames from the children’s section. They fit. Except that I’m over 60 and I just don’t crave glasses with Disney princesses or unicorns on the shafts. There was one green pair, a bright kelly green that spoke to me – until I noticed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle logos and the cartoon turtle shells on the shafts and in the corner of the frame… After much searching at several optical shops I found a frame. It fit and looked “adult”. It was plum with lavender accents. “Does this frame come in any other colors?” I asked. They had to look on line and sure enough it did – red with pink accents, brilliant royal blue with navy accents, and dark slate/black with lime green accents. Hmm. I had them order the ones in slate/lime.

I decided to get them as well as the plum/lavender as sunglasses.

This is the first time in 30+ years that I’ve gotten glasses without changing my mind based on the cost. In the past I bought the cheapest frames and didn’t get any of the “extras”. This time I got the no glare, anti-fog, progressive bi-focal, highest quality lenses with the anti-scratch surface AND the designer frames. Yes I splurged. And I love these frames! As a bonus the cases that they came with are very cool. Kind of an “origami” case that folds up flat when empty but unfolds to hold the glasses!

33 thoughts on “Looking Better

  1. What an interesting case, easily tucked in a purse or maybe a pocket. I love the shape of the sunglasses. A special place that you can order and fit.


  2. My dear, if we can’t wear Ninja Turtle glasses now, WHEN can we? I think you would look adorable in Disney Princess pink glasses and I’ll come out there and set straight anyone who teases you about them.
    Let me know how those progressive lenses work out for you; I’ve found they’re a compromise, not ideal for anything but okay for somethings. I wear them mainly for shopping and eating dinner in front of the TV.


    1. Hehe! I don’t think I need a body guard… but those green TMNT frames were a little over the top. As for my progressive lenses I have no issues with them. I have (because I got the top of the line deluxe lenses) a pretty big focal area for mid-distance and reading and a huge area for long distance. I can even see clearly without doing the big head tilt that I had to do with the old glasses.


  3. Nice glasses! I picked out boring gold, but they have to put prisms in it because my eyes wander due to the medication that I’m on. My insurance covered it. That would have cost me 400 dollars. I splurged on a computer, so I have to accept government glasses.


    1. I looked for some cool super hero glasses – but they didn’t have any. I figured X-men or maybe Justice League would be fun but there weren’t any to be found. Sparky likes these so I guess that’s all good.


  4. I love them! I was laughing at the bit about Disney princesses and unicorns. But also because one of our clients at work is a large online retailer of eyeglasses, and I spent much of yesterday editing footer copy for their web pages. Eyeglasses/sunglasses/eyewear/frames/prescriptionlenses/Rxlenses…that’s the stuff of dreams. Literally. 😉 Enjoy your new specs. And Shades. 🙂


  5. I like your choice! It’s amazing how hard it can be to find a new pair of glasses that we like. I don’t even wear glasses, but I still manage to have problems with readers and sunglasses!


  6. I had to go back and read this post because it was so long ago I didn’t have a point of reference! I’m almost a year older than when this was first posted… So 60++ for me. You know 60 is the new 40!


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