Looking at Feline Intuition

She had disconnected the doorbell within hours of moving into her house. Most people would push the button and wait and eventually after repeated attempts to ring the bell they would give up and go away. It was only the most determined that would knock or pound on her door if she didn’t respond to their ringing the defunct doorbell. She held her breath and sat motionless watching the camera feed as the scrawny disheveled man pounded on the door. He looked dangerous. He was a stranger to her. She reluctantly dialed the police. She knew that doing so would set into motion unpleasant interactions but Mister had never been wrong.

Her eyes were focused on the time displayed on the cell phone sitting on the arm of the sofa. He had been pounding for three minutes when it went quiet. Mister was not a small cat and with his tail in full fright fluff and the hair along his back standing up in a sharp ridge he looked imposing. He crept toward the entry way and disappeared from her sight. Straining to hear any unusual sounds, she remained on the sofa, feet tucked up and wrapped in her fleece throw. There was nothing to fear. No scraping or knocking sounds were coming from the front door. As she began to relax, she considered moving to the front room and peeking through the blinds to see if the man had left. Maybe UPS or FedEx had delivering her Amazon purchase and the man was a package thief and had gone. Just as her foot touched the floor, a primal scream pierced the air. It was the sound of a cat in a red rage launching itself toward an adversary. She froze in terror as a slight and wiry man stumbled backward into the room from the hallway. Mister had sunk his claws into the man’s shoulders and neck and was repeatedly biting his face all the while growling and shrieking. The worn tee shirt was in shreds from Mister’s back claws raking down the intruder’s back.  Blood was streaming from the wounds, soaking the fabric that remained. The sound coming from Mister was so loud that it nearly drowned out the intruder’s grunts and cursing.

Yes, episode 5 shows us the result of tangling with a territorial cat. As you can imagine Mister’s mistress’ relaxing weekend has taken a wrong turn. She is soon to be so far out of her comfort zone that she may never get back to that zip code!

22 thoughts on “Looking at Feline Intuition

  1. Love the description in this and ya gotta love cats. I think my little miss would be capable of inflicting such terror on an intruder 🙂


      1. If they come to the back door I know to answer. Anyone who is invited to our place knows that. The front door is when I look out the kitchen window to see who it is. And sometimes ignore them


        1. Ha! I know exactly how that is! In our old house the back door was to the kitchen and we had a table in front of the door so if anyone came to the back door we knew they were strangers! The front door was likewise never used except by strangers – we all used the side door that lead to the landing and either up to the house of down to the basement… If someone came to the front door our dog went crazy barking but side door entries were tail wagging events.


              1. There is a carpenter that charged $40 bucks a hour that is to do it. It has to be in the warmer weather because they whole door needs reframed because there are gaps. The last two years when the carpenter can in the fall we were on a tight budget. Between switching jobs and wrecking a truck two years ago. Save Derek the headache and stress.


  2. I figured if Lu sat tight, the guy would eventually go away. This part about Mister is terrific: “with his tail in full fright fluff and the hair along his back standing up in a sharp ridge he looked imposing.” I’m wondering how the guy got in. Lu doesn’t seem the type to leave a door or window unlocked. Mister’s attack sounds like something out of a horror movie. Was the guy who got attacked the same guy who was at the door? Oh my, Muri, I think Lu’s quiet introvert weekend is going to be ruined. 🙂


    1. To answer your questions, he got in – it will up to the police to investigate, Lu doesn’t know so neither do we at this point… And yes the guy in the house is the same scruffy character that was on the porch pounding. As for the weekend, it is shot to pieces, lots of tiny pieces that will never fit together again. I warned you that she was soon to be out of her comfort zone… Stay tuned there is more to come.

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