Looking Dead

She was not a fan of chaos. She had to deal with disorder and disaster at work. The last thing she wanted was to have a stranger in her home; not only a stranger but one that was bleeding and cursing and attempting to strangle her cat. She did the only sensible thing. She hid, moving to the end of the sofa and crawling into the little space behind the recliner in the corner. She was shaking and suddenly cold. Abruptly, mid growl, Mister went silent. A large tear slid down her cheek and hung on her chin before it dropped onto her knee. She watched it splash in slow motion. She felt that Mister was surely dead. He wouldn’t give up. There was a humming in her ears like a thousand bees. It was so loud that she couldn’t tell if the man was still there. She didn’t hear the police siren. She remained motionless behind the chair barely breathing. She was a child again lying in bed pretending to be dead. It was something she had practiced. When there was fighting in her parent’s room, she would hold completely still and breath so shallow that her chest didn’t move. If her father would drunkenly rage into the bedroom, he would pass over her because she was already dead. She felt a presence looming over her and she became instantly alive. In a jolt of electricity to her nervous system she jumped up and in a panic bolted into the room. Her flight was arrested by the strong arm of a police officer who reeled her in and put her in a firm bear hug. Her arms were pinned to her sides. At that moment, eyes wide in fright, she saw it all. The strange man was in handcuffs prone on the floor. Next to him was an unmoving black form. Her knees buckled. An involuntary cry escaped her throat and tears poured from her eyes. The police officer gently let her slide to the floor as she stretched her arms toward the motionless cat.

Here in episode 6 I was moved to reveal a little of our main character’s background. You can now understand (at least a bit) why she hates turmoil. Stay tuned for the $100,000 question – Is Mister dead or alive? Because I suspect not a single one of you is worried about the intruder…

14 thoughts on “Looking Dead

  1. not worried about the intruder but yes for Mister…oh my heart is breaking over how she plays dead to avoid confrontation and hurt. drawing into her own little world for protection. i am enjoying the twists and suspense.


    1. I don’t say how he got in. Since Lu doesn’t know neither do we… And the police aren’t discussing it and Mister isn’t talking either! Don’t fret – however he got in it won’t happen again!


  2. It’s good to get a little background on Lu, how her childhood experiences play into her present. She and Mister are two peas in a pod, very alike. Makes me wonder if Mister ceased fighting with the intruder when the police arrived and is now doing what Lu was doing behind the recliner–playing possum. I hope he’s OK. And no, I wasn’t worried at all about the intruder, though I’m curious to know who he is and why he broke into Lu’s house. Maybe he is friend not foe, and sneaked in because he was worried when Lu did not answer his very prolonged knock. On tenterhooks awaiting the next installment. 🙂


    1. Just for the record he is not a friend. It is a common practice for buglers to ring the bell or pound on the door prior to entering a house. If there is someone home they will come to the door or turn on a light etc. and the criminal will walk away… It happened to my BIL/SIL. They were in bed and their door bell was broken. Since no one turned on a light they entered the house. They had to throw themselves against the bedroom door to prevent the intruders from coming in. As it was the police caught them but it was a pretty traumatic event!

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