Looking to Warm Up

According to the calendar Spring has arrived. I’m not convinced. The temperatures did warm up to above freezing. However a heat wave bringing a high of 37 degrees is hardly my idea of Spring. The higher temperatures resulted in rain instead of snow. It was a slushy cold rain that chilled me to my core. It didn’t help that Sparky had the thermostat in the car set to cool instead of heat! The result was that I needed to warm up and fast. I made soup.

Chicken Coconut Curry Soup
2 large carrots – shredded
4 large potatoes – peeled & diced in 1/2″ cubes
2 cups cooked chicken – shredded or diced
1/2 can pineapple tidbits – drained dry
3/4 t. garlic powder
1 1/2 t. yellow curry powder
1/4 c. brown sugar
2 T. soy sauce
3 cans coconut milk
1 carton vegetable stock
1 carton chicken broth
1/2 c. instant potatoes flakes

To a large pot add vegetable stock, water, chicken bouillon cube, brown sugar, and garlic. Bring pot to a simmer and then add carrots, potatoes and chicken. Bring to a boil and cook until potatoes and carrots are tender. Reduce heat and add pineapple, yellow curry, soy sauce and coconut milk. Stir well. Adjust thickness by adding instant potatoes to give soup more “body”. Serve with rice.

The flavor is savory with just enough “heat” to warm you up. The aroma is wonderful and the sweetness balances the salty and the spicy hotness to make it perfect for a cold day. We each had one bowl and still had enough for 15 more bowls. It worked out that yesterday was a Lenten Soup Supper at church and Sparky had volunteered me to make some soup. The last couple years I’ve brought my Thai Pho by popular demand but this was a winner too.

15 thoughts on “Looking to Warm Up

    1. Today is forecast to be a warmer day (supposed to hit 49 with no rain or snow). We are still in winter’s grip but it is loosening. We had a couple of warm days but then back to the snow and cold…


  1. this sounds delicious! similar to what i would cook, though we eat it even when the weather is hot! it was interesting to see you mix brown sugar to a curry, for us curry is always spicy!


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