Looking to Get Bit

It was a rotten weekend. She had to talk to the police. Several officers commented on the severity of the man’s wounds. “Damn! He looks like he tangled with a tiger!” said one. Another didn’t believe that a house cat could have done that much damage. The police walked all over her house. In the back room the screen was cut and the window forced open. The sour thought that she would have to have it repaired passed through her mind. They poked into every corner, examined all the windows, checked all the locks and finally declared her home free of any other intruders. She would have to make sure to lock her windows from now on. The officer had helped her find a box big enough to fit Mister’s large frame and had helped her lift him onto a towel and into the box. Mister was curled up and when she went to move the box he made a harsh chattering sound. It was all she could do remain calm. If it had been any other day, she would have had to dial the vet’s office at least three times to overcome her reticence to talk to them. She had called her vet and the answering machine informed her they were closed and directed her to contact the Emergency Clinic. Her primary focus had been to get medical help for Mister. She swallowed her fear and ended up at the Emergency Clinic. They made her leave Mister and go home. They said no one was allowed to stay. They assured her that as soon as he was stable they would contact her. There was an empty feeling in her house and in her heart. Monday came after a sleepless night. For the first time in 6 years she called in sick. The emergency clinic called a few minutes later. She picked Mister up and transported him to her vet’s clinic. Now she had to make decisions about Mister. Did she want to take him to the university hospital to have them attempt surgery or did she trust her veterinarian? She was horrified when she looked at him. His neck was bandaged where they put the IV fluid line. There was a red tube sewn to the top of his head that snaked into his nose and down to his stomach so he could be fed. His face was swollen and he had lost his entire regal demeanor as he drooled due to the broken jaw. The x-rays had shown some cracked ribs and a dislocated shoulder in addition to the fractured mandible.  She lingered because the emptiness of her home was disquieting. She had decided that dealing with the onslaught of moronic specimens of her species was better than being in her house. It just didn’t feel safe, especially without Mister.

Here’s episode 7. The story is going on hiatus until after April due to National Poetry Month. The challenge is to write a poem a day but because I only post 3 times a week that will be my posting schedule.

18 thoughts on “Looking to Get Bit

  1. I am glad mister survived enough to go to the vet. Dealing the the police and the feeling of home being violated would not be easy.

    On another note what ever happened to your sons house?


    1. Glad you weren’t disappointed with the story! As for my sons’ home – the insurance company has sent them the qoute and is supposed to schedule the foundation work (they should hear this week). I went yesterday with son#1 and we picked out carpet and paint for his room…I’m hoping it will be done before the 1st week in May!


  2. Oh no! Poor Mister! Neither he nor Lu (nor the intruder) will ever be the same. I hate being shooed out of the vet clinic when my baby is sick. Hopefully Mister will be on the mend throughout National Poetry Month. 🙂


    1. Lots of times people want to stay by their pets, However they more often than not are an impediment to the medical process and can actually have a negative influence on the outcome. Besides she needed to take care of herself.

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    1. That is kind of spooky. I wrote that episode weeks ago! I was right about Winky. We were just talking about dog breeds I didn’t trust… I think I’m going to shut up before I inadvertently say something else!!!!


    1. I haven’t specified Mister’s breed or ancestry so if you want to think of him as a Maine Coon Cat you are more than welcome to do so! I posted the story every Wednesday starting on Feb 13, 2019…

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