Looking at Doors

She didn’t have any friends at work. That was how she wanted it. Work friends just suck the life out of you. In the larger scheme of things, she didn’t have many friends at all. All of the friends in her life were at arm’s length. She would send them Christmas and Birthday cards. Sometimes she’d mail a letter or more likely just a note card with a few lines. They were all people she had met before the disillusionment with humanity. They remembered her as studious and serious, a friend who had a quiet sense of humor, a sympathetic ear, and a generous soul. They didn’t really know her now. She had always been on the periphery. Since college, she feigned prior commitments and a busy schedule when turning down invitations for get-togethers and mini reunions. She hadn’t seen any of her friends except in photographs for the last 10 years. The idea that someone had decided to disrupt the quiet and sameness of her life with a bequest of a large amount of money was surprising. No, she shook her head; it wasn’t just surprising it was discombobulating. All of this conjecture and uncertainty was unsettling. She liked quiet and calm and an assurance that things would be the same. Perhaps that was why she didn’t want interactions with the stupid people. They were unpredictable. There was chaos trailing after them like toilet paper stuck to a shoe. Her memories of her college friends were unchanging. They were frozen in time. They would always be there, right where she had put them.

Mister suddenly jumped onto her lap. He demanded her attention then was gone. He knew that he needed to disrupt her train of thought and to bring her back to the here and now. It always amazed her that Mister could sense when her mood changed or when her thoughts became anxious. It was his mission to remind her of what was important. And what was most important was an afternoon nap. She dreamed that it was summer. She was surrounded by tall grasses that rose up above her head. The only sounds were the chirp of distant birds and the soft rustling of the dry stems of the grass. Everywhere was green and brown leaves with a vibrant blue sky. She stood still and felt the world move in its orbit. It was a very good dream. It was the kind of dream that makes you sad to wake up. So it was with a melancholy sigh that she rolled over and opened her eyes. The room was quiet but she knew it was late afternoon. There was light seeping around the window shade. It was a cold sunny day.

Within moments of sitting up Mister silently leapt onto the bed. He gingerly stepped across the comforter to stand on her legs. Staring into her eyes with a laser focus he communicated his desire for food. As soon as she determined to get up, Mister was gone. There was no mystery. She knew he would be patiently seated in front of his bowl in his perfect imitation of Bastet. Blinking slowly, not unlike her cat, she moved quietly. She would spend the rest of the day in languid leisure. The decisions were not too taxing. Should she watch the latest episodes of Dr. Who or watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy again? Carrying her mug of hot cocoa to the sofa, her decision was made. She enjoyed the Harry Potter books and would try to watch at least one of the movies. She had tried to get through the Prisoner of Azkaban last month but there were too many annoying characters. This time she decided that The Deathly Hallows Part 2 might be easier since at least some of the stupid people would get their just desserts. Her luck wouldn’t hold. Before the opening credits had finished, there was the sound of pounding on her door. She frowned. Mister had appeared on the coffee table, his ears flattened against his head and his pupils dilated. He looked more than angry. He looked ready to fight. She observed her cat and considered what he was telling her. He was nearly always right when it came to predicting trouble. He was telling her that the person or persons at the door would not improve her day. In fact, his opinion was that answering the door would result in peril. Picking up the phone she logged into the doorbell camera.

So things are getting interesting in “An Introvert’s Story”. Don’t we all like a lazy Saturday where we can indulge in a nice cat nap on a cold winter day?

Looking Better

I was a little over due (insurance issues) but finally managed to go to the eye doctor on January 29th. As you might have noticed from the very few photos I’ve posted of myself (I’m not of the “selfie” generation), I have a small face. This creates problems when selecting eye wear. Not only do I have a small face but the distance between my pupils is narrow.

These are my old frames. They were “Tween” glasses and they only worked because the shafts were able to be cut and adjusted so they stayed on. They are a dark bronze metallic half frame. Nothing exciting. Very conservative.
This means that most adult frames are not going to work for me. It is always a trial. I have to select frames from the children’s section. They fit. Except that I’m over 60 and I just don’t crave glasses with Disney princesses or unicorns on the shafts. There was one green pair, a bright kelly green that spoke to me – until I noticed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle logos and the cartoon turtle shells on the shafts and in the corner of the frame… After much searching at several optical shops I found a frame. It fit and looked “adult”. It was plum with lavender accents. “Does this frame come in any other colors?” I asked. They had to look on line and sure enough it did – red with pink accents, brilliant royal blue with navy accents, and dark slate/black with lime green accents. Hmm. I had them order the ones in slate/lime.

I decided to get them as well as the plum/lavender as sunglasses.

This is the first time in 30+ years that I’ve gotten glasses without changing my mind based on the cost. In the past I bought the cheapest frames and didn’t get any of the “extras”. This time I got the no glare, anti-fog, progressive bi-focal, highest quality lenses with the anti-scratch surface AND the designer frames. Yes I splurged. And I love these frames! As a bonus the cases that they came with are very cool. Kind of an “origami” case that folds up flat when empty but unfolds to hold the glasses!

Looking at the Sharp End

I was being a very good wife and I cleaned the house last Saturday. Sparky was working from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM so I had the whole day. I would have liked to get together with saintvi and done a little geocaching. I could have gone to Goodwill since they were having a 40% off sale. I could have stopped at Kohl’s with my 20% off coupon and a credit on my account. I even could have gone grocery shopping to pick up a few items. But I didn’t. I stayed home and cleaned.
1. I vacuumed the entire house. This entailed moving furniture and shaking out rugs.
2. I mopped. It had been awhile, since it seemed futile to mop when there was a constant trail of wet boot prints.
3. I cleaned the bathrooms. I still don’t know how he manages to get stuff splattered on the underside of the toilet seat.
4. I did 3 loads of laundry (washed/dried/folded).
5. I cleaned the kitchen. That doesn’t sound like a big deal but it was a complete cleaning. I did the counter, sink, all the appliances inside and out and even wiped down the cabinets!
6. The most difficult was doing a KonMari on my clothes closet. Well, one of my closets. I have a hard time letting go of some items. I attribute that to eternal optimism. I just know that next year I will have lost weight/gained weight and it will fit. It was only 5 years ago that I finally decided to give away that one very expensive maternity dress. I was 56 years old and it just wasn’t going to be worn by me ever again. I had 3 large garbage bags of shirts/blouses that I shared with the sisters in law. The ones they didn’t snatch up are poised to go into the neighborhood garage sale in May.
7. I made a sumptuous dinner. I had some leftover chicken so I made Chicken Tikka Masala. It turned out tasty. I had to wrangle the 20 pound bag of rice to refill the smaller container we keep in the kitchen. I didn’t tell Sparky because he doesn’t want me to injure myself. I managed but I think I strained a muscle in my neck. Anyway dinner was a success.
8. I balanced the checkbook and paid some bills.
All in all it was difficult but necessary. I felt accomplished and my house smelled clean. I am hopeful that it will stay relatively clean for a few days. At least if I can dissuade Sparky from eating chips and Cheetos in the family room…