Looking for Blue Jays

Spring’s first harbinger
Robins arrive too early
Jays chase snow away

Here is a simple little haiku to complete National Poetry Month Challenge #5 Write a poem about signs of spring. Everyone gets excited when the Robins come back. Seems they are the first migratory birds to burst onto the scene. The robins are a little premature. Several times the robins were fluffed up and enduring a snow storm. A sure sign that Spring hasn’t really been ushered regardless of the robins. The blue jays on the other hand are sure signs that Spring is at hand. I was standing outside at saintvi’s house when a blue jay flew into a tree. I pulled out my camera to take a photo. I was able to capture the blue sky but alas, not the jay. I spotted him in another tree. I got the camera out with the same result!

I really don’t know how others photographers are able to capture birds in their photographs!

18 thoughts on “Looking for Blue Jays

    1. Yes there were robins in late February. They were miserable with the snow and polar winds. The neighbor had a feeder out and they seemed to huddle around the available food…


  1. Beautiful! I think most photographers use a zoom lens or feature to get those close up shots of birds, that way they keep their distances.


    1. Hehe! So you live in Indiana too?!?! I’m still waiting for the last snow. It was sunny but only 47 today with a cutting wind. A couple days ago it was nearly 70….


  2. I love the word harbinger. My hubby always mispronounces it harbringer, “because it brings something.” We are hardcore bird feeders, so we see them all. They are easier to capture with a camera when they’re eating. 🙂


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