Looking at Found Wealth

The meeting was thankfully brief. The lawyer didn’t really want to be there anymore than she did. She took her seat and discovered that Aurora Dupin had been left a chunk of money by some rich woman that she had befriended eons ago. Lu mostly pretended that Aurora didn’t exist. If she tried hard she wouldn’t think about her for weeks on end. It wasn’t working now. Aurora was her twin sister. She was a major contributor to Lu’s disgust with the human race. She was dead now, mostly, except when Lu remembered. The lawyer had papers to be signed, initialed and dated. She was given a list of documents she needed to provide. Once that was all done she’s have an infusion of cash into her bank account. Even in death Aurora was up to shenanigans. She probably scammed the old lady in some way. That was how it usually went. The paper work was finished and the perky woman came in to gather it up. She couldn’t recall the name but then it probably wouldn’t matter since she had no intention of ever having to speak to her again. As she sat in her car preparing to drive home, the memories flooded back. It was always painful to have to think about her twin. The betrayal, the mocking laughter, Aurora’s smirk infiltrated her mind. For a brief moment she relived the crushing realization that her sister had sabotaged her life. That had been the moment when she gave up on people. She decided that she didn’t want or need a husband. She could be happy without lots of friends and definitely happier without family. The sudden rap on the window startled her. She could just make out the face on the other side of the glass. “Are you O.K.?” the perky woman was asking. Lu nodded yes and started her car. She backed out before the perky woman could ask any more questions and headed home.

We will be on the road for the rest of the month. Although I can read all your posts and comments, I’ve found that posting comments from my phone doesn’t work! So unless I’ve got a good internet connection I might be a little tardy commenting. Rest assured that I’m as addicted to WP as I was Xanga and I’ll be searching for a way to connect to you all!

9 thoughts on “Looking at Found Wealth

  1. It’s a good story. I wrote one a while ago with the twist that some old guy, married to gold digger, donated all his money to a wooded park and told her to find true beauty there. I’m thinking about making it a novel of desperation. Unlike you, I haven’t been good for anything lately. I hope you have fun on your trip. I look forward to other writings from you!


    1. I’m hoping to wrap up this story soon – hopefully by August. It’s hard when I only post an episode once a week… I’m glad you are enjoying this one!


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