Looking Brittle

If I fall down and break my crown
And bruise my knees and rip my gown
I wonder if you will hear my groans
Will you carry my brittle bones

As age advances to my door
With wrinkled skin and hair turned hoar
Beauty faded like cheap rhinestones
Will you carry my brittle bones

As my parents get old and die
I ponder death and often cry
Great tears and stifle muffled moans
Will you carry my brittle bones

In sleep and waking dreams I dwell
I long for heaven and fear hell
Through death’s door and on paths unknown
Will you carry my brittle bones

Just before I left on vacation I was helping son#1 clean up his house because finally (after nearly 6 months) the insurance company is starting the repairs on their house. This will result in having the house lifted off the foundation so that they can make the needed repairs to the basement and foundation. They will also gut his bedroom. So I was helping him get organized so that all the furniture in his room would fit into the living room, basement and attic. In the course of carrying an arm load of empty glass bottles (mostly sparkling lemonade and birch beer), I tripped on a cardboard box. I fell hard. I tried to catch myself and to avoid breaking the bottles. I managed to hold onto all but 2 bottles (which didn’t break). In the process I hit my knee on the metal strip that separates the carpet from the laminate flooring. I immediately felt pain in my knee and shoulder. By the time I got home my left shoulder was throbbing, my neck was stiff and my back was having spasms in waves. The next morning I felt like I’d been run over by a truck – twice. With judicious use of water massage, massive doses of Ibuprofen, and comfortable shoes (slip on variety) I managed to make it into work. In my head I don’t feel any older than I did at 30 but my body is starting to feel some effects of age. I don’t bounce back as quickly as I used to and my bones are becoming a little brittle…

This is a Kyrielle which is a poem of 4 stanzas each consisting of 4 lines with 8 syllables. The last line of the first stanza becomes the refrain and is repeated as the last line in the subsequent stanzas. The stanzas are also written as rhyming couplets thus the rhyme scheme is: aaxX bbxX ccxX ddxX.

35 thoughts on “Looking Brittle

  1. Take care. I agree. I always feel 36 which was a great year spent teaching overseas and walking everywhere. We have to live in the present and frankly, the present isn’t always as attractive at least not in our memories. Better times will come. I am sure your son appreciated your help.


  2. I think I know by your travel exploits that you have recovered from this fall. Yes?
    Sorry to hear that your body isn’t as young and resilient as it used to be. That’s going around.
    Well done, kyrielle.


  3. Love your poem. What a slow process it’s been for your sons house. I hate insurance companies. You pay all that money for them to waste so much time. Especially if it’s your livelihood.


  4. It sounds like time for a good vacation and a happy retirement! I’m glad you didn’t break bones or cut yourself badly! Falls are no fun — I fell down 3 steps at home a few years ago, and learned to be a bit more cautious about my movements! Take good care!


      1. Glad to see you’re feeling a bit better. When I lived in Hawaii, I learned that vinegar (either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar) is a good salve for sunburn — you can use it with water as a rinse, or by itself, and the smell goes away after you pat it dry.


        1. I’ve got some aloe vera and liquid skin for the really bad burns. This was a burn while wearing SPF100 so it wasn’t too bad and although it itches a little it is already fading.

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        1. I’ve moisturized the heck out of my burn and it looks like I won’t peel. The itching has already lessened so I’m feeling more comfortable! And I do burn even with SPF100… I’m a mole person!


  5. love the poem! a new to me form, and your rhymes are so lovely to the ear. hope you are feeling much better now, and all is healing well, falls are dangerous and can cause more damage than meets the eye.

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        1. I’m not sure it is poison ivy but it looks like it and itches like it and I was in an area where it was growing and most importantly I might have put my walking stick in it and then touched my side…. maybe. I’d quote Cheech and Chong but no one would get it!

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  6. Kyrielle is a favorite of mine and you did an awesome job! Sorry about your fall and injuries, at least no bones were broken. While you were helping your sons, that’s so unfair. I guess it’s like they say, no good deed goes unpunished. Feel better soon, Muri! 🙂


  7. Trip time now has three meanings for me. Besides the two obvious ones, kyrielle is a pretty word and yours trips along to a merry rhythm even though the subject is so grim.


  8. Liked it…. glad your bones weren’t so brittle that they broke. However I think you’re just a spring chicken. Since I am eighty-seven years old and your mother I can say that.


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