Looking for Experts

The alarm went off and the sound exploded in the room. She had selected the loudest and most annoying alarm possible. She needed it loud so that she couldn’t roll over and go back to sleep. Usually Mister would be walking over her face just moments before the alarm would sound. She figured he hated it enough to make sure she was already awake when it went off thus reducing the unpleasantness. He wasn’t there so she was jolted out of bed. She managed to get to work on time and put in a full day of work. No one asked about her absence and she didn’t volunteer any information. The car was parked in one of the close spots so it didn’t take but a minute to get in and get out of the lot. There was only an hour before the vet clinic closed and she needed to get there to see Mister. The clinic receptionist saw her coming and simply nodded and ushered her into an exam room. In no time the doctor opened the door and carried Mister to the table. He looked awful. When she touched him she could feel that he was tense. The tubes were in the way for her to stroke his head. She touched his nose and he opened his eyes. The pain was evident. She turned to the doctor and he answered her question before she asked. “He’s in pain and weak. I think if you want to schedule the surgery, we need to do it now. I would feel better if you took him to the University. They have the expertise and equipment that I don’t have here.” She shifted her gaze back to Mister then back to the veterinarian. “O.K.” she muttered. “Let’s do it.” The doctor left her with Mister while he made calls and gathered the paperwork. This would be another day off work. She considered her options. She could call in sick which meant speaking to an answering machine, especially if she called tomorrow early. She could call her supervisor tonight and request tomorrow off but she’d have to explain herself. Procrastination wouldn’t help things. She made the call to her boss. At first all she could sense was irritation. As she explained the reason her supervisor softened. She was told to take the rest of the week off as vacation and that her work would be handled. After hanging up she stared thinking about this seeming act of kindness. She had a sneaking suspicion that there was an ulterior motive. Nevertheless she didn’t have time to fret; there were bigger worries to occupy her time.

Here’s another installment. We are in Texas and will be heading home soon. Geowoodstock XVII is over and was a lot of fun – especially since we were joined by saintvi and her daughter Joyouswind! I should be back to my usual schedule by next week…

11 thoughts on “Looking for Experts

  1. Poor Mister. Glad Lu has the rest of the week off to tend to him. Hopefully he will be OK. I hope the police are hunting down the intruder, the one who put Mister in this sorry condition, and that he pays dearly for his crime. Hope you had fun geocache-ing with Saintvi and her daughter. I look forward to the next installment. 🙂


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